Barn NameBaby Girl
Registered NameFlash of Lightening
LocationGeorgia, United States
BreedSpotted Saddle
Age14 years, 4 months old
Acquired12/24/2010 (10 years ago)
Head MarkingsJoined marks, Snip, Star, Stripe, White lips
Body MarkingsWhite hairs
Leg MarkingsErmine marks, Socks & Stockings
DisciplinesBareback, Bridleless, Competitive trail riding, Pleasure trail riding, Show trail

About Baby GirlThis is my favorite pony. Sweetest creature ever (98% of the time). My first horse, and probably one of the best I'll ever have.

Also known for being able to cross canter faster than any normal horse can gallop, and her enthusiastic but terrible attempts at show jumping.
ActivitiesGoing lame, being high maintenance, and eating my money. :P

Also, CTRs. Very good at CTRs.
Favorite FoodApples and Lemonade
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From BrBan on 07/17/13
From pinkbow on 06/24/13
Your horse is gorgeous.
From Stephie on 02/19/12
Wow, what a beautiful girl! And so well behaved. ^.^
From LadyNeigh on 02/13/12
Wow- shes lovely! Love the lightning bolt too :) I see you've had Caitlinpalomino do a drawing too :))
From phantomhorse13 on 03/19/11
love the shadow picture! those are some of my favorites to capture when out on trail.
From Cheyennes mom on 02/18/11
haha I was going to get that blanket :) That's so cool the star looks like a lightning bolt!
From musicalmarie1 on 01/11/11
Wow! I love the shape of that star on her head! Awesome!!
From Wallaby on 12/28/10
She's adorable! And I love her blanket!! Lacey is totally jealous of it. :P
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