Barn NameLucy
LocationNorth Dakota, United States
BreedTennessee Walking
Head MarkingsBlaze

About LucyLucy is our second horse. She was only 3 weeks old when we got her. She was stepped on shortly after birth and her back leg got infected. She recovered from that but her front leg/growth plate had to have surgery from supporting all the weight on that side. We had to wean her at six weeks to move her to a new barn because the barn she was at was filthy. Her hooves were suppose to be trimmed for correction from the problems of her legs, but they were not. Now, they have set and she's toed out in the front and toed in in the rear. She may get arthritis by 8 years old. :(
ActivitiesMainly a pasture ornament but occassionally gets rode for fun.
Favorite Foodgrass and sweet feed
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From mimie98 on 11/08/11
she is a BEAUTIFUL horse. im glad she recovered from the back problem. but she is BEAUTIFUL=)
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