Barn NameSammy aka piglet/goober
LocationQueensland, Australia
BreedQuarter Horse
Age21 years, 12 months old
Acquired12/10/2010 (10 years ago)
Head MarkingsSnip
Leg MarkingsSocks & Stockings

About Sammy aka piglet/gooberAll i know is he was used for barrel racing before i got him but he was to slow. He is a very friendly horse who will meet you at the gate the moment he sees you coming and will follow you around like a lost puppy in the paddock. Can sometimes try to go where he wants when being ridden but gives in easily and most of the time tries to do whats asked of him to the best of his abilty. He tries to make friends with every horse he sees even if they keep rejecting him. He can be a bit nervy but does become very trusting of people who take things slowly with him. I have only had him for just over a month and we are still getting to know each other.

I was suprised he let me put that hat on his head (in pictures) he normally doesn't like much touching his ears.
ActivitiesBarrel racing is the only thing i am aware of. I am planning on using him as a lesson horse pleasure/trail riding horse. I just discovered he likes to play with the lead rope and untie himself. He also loves to eat practically anything if you have it he wants it, he even tried to take a hoof pick once.

I now use him for lessons, just pleasure riding in the paddock and we have just starting going on trail rides which he is awesome for. He is occassionally ridden by other people if I feel they can handle him as he quite forward especially if he feels he can get away with it.
Favorite Foodhot chips, carrots, cinnamon donuts. I'll just say the only thing I've found he doesn't like is pumpkin otherwise he is a pig he even tried to take a sausage from me once
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From HorseGirlFive on 09/20/12
Such a cutie..
From randomrider92 on 12/10/11
What a lovely boy
From Can He Star on 08/19/11
mr sam !!! :D
From apachewhitesox on 05/27/11
thanks for all the comments :D
From ArabianLover2456 on 05/27/11
he's so pretty!
From breezystar on 02/09/11
Awe... I love the diamond on his nose. lol
From HorsesMakeLifeBetter on 01/24/11
I like all the different ways you braid his mane.
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