Barn Nameapache aka ninja booga
Registered Nameapache white sox
LocationQueensland, Australia
Age19 years, 12 months old
Acquired06/18/2010 (10 years ago)
Head MarkingsBlaze
Leg MarkingsSocks & Stockings

About apache aka ninja boogaWell Apache can very grumpy very quickly he often chases dogs if they come to close. He is a big bully in the paddock especially to other geldings so he has to be separated from my new boy. Hes not very sociable to people but is not aggressive towards them. He has improved greatly on his ground manners since i have had with the help of my riding instructor. When i first got him he was easy to catch but would not actually walk anywhere but now does almost anything you ask of him on the ground. He is very lazy under saddle when schooling him, he has bucked but mainly rears to avoid what has been asked. He is great for trail riding, likes getting out and is quite bold. It takes a lot to spook him and even then he just jumps.
ActivitiesI think he was only raced a few times until he was 4 but he was too slow. From what i was told he was previously used as a trail horse. I was going to use him a lesson/pleasure horse but he is used pretty much just as a trail horse. His favourite activity of all time is sneeking up on people and scaring the bajeebahs out of them hehe.

He is now sometimes used in lessons and just a pleasure horse by some people. He is great for trails and is taken out when we go. He can be a great ride once you get pass his initial naughtiness.
Favorite Foodcarrots
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From Cheyennes mom on 10/29/11
whoa look at that face marking! That's so neat! And those mane things that you did are amazing!! I'm gonna have to steal those! I've done a running braid a few times but it was just one long one. I've been planning to try the diamonds for a while, trying tomorrow! :) Great horse!
From sana on 09/11/11
Lovely photos of your horsie! :D The way his hair are done in a couple of pictures is amazing. Beautiful! :D
From Gallop On on 08/20/11
I absalutly LOVE how you did the "Run On Braids" They are PERFECT! Very pretty horse also (:
From huggingchester on 07/29/11
lovin' the blaze
From Thyme on 06/30/11
He is so pretty I am in love with his blaze
From Creampuff on 06/06/11
Lovely horse... LOVE his blaze! :)
From Zora on 05/28/11
Gorgeous! Love the blaze.
From FSHjumper on 05/18/11
Im a sucker for unusual markings! I absolutely LOVE it!!!! And just an fyi they breed a lot of color TBs now so markings and odd color patterns are becoming more and more popular! Especially sabino TBs. Handsome guy though, and I like the name too :)
From Can He Star on 04/24/11
love the markings!! they are similar arent they!
From csimkunas6 on 03/10/11
Very pretty face! :)
From wafflestheunicorn on 03/08/11
cool markings!!!
From Haylee on 02/16/11
From apachewhitesox on 01/06/11
yes i think its different too but he has the registration to prove he's all thoroughbred
From Belle on 01/06/11
Apache has a very unusual blaze for a TB, I thought he was a Paint..
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