Barn NameDakota
Registered NameAlabama Bugle Boy
LocationEtowah County, Alabama, United States
BreedTennessee Walking
Age14 years, 3 months old
Acquired03/23/2006 (14 years ago)
Head MarkingsStar
DisciplinesPleasure trail riding

About DakotaDakota's my 'baby' and he knows it. My uncle bred my mare for me to get him on my sixteenth birthday, so he's very special to me (especially since my uncle died the day before Dakota's first birthday).

Dakota isn't really a horse many people immediately like upon meeting him... he's constantly curious and wants to know what's going on... he loves nosing into your space and is a lot like a little kid... he's sort of challenging and can be a major bully to the other horses (or people, if you let him). Tell him 'no' and he does it anyway... but he's still my baby at the end of the day.
ActivitiesHe's just a trail horse, though I am interested in competing in the competitive trail challenges and obstacle courses around here if I could ever get the time!
Favorite FoodDakota eats and likes just about anything he can fit in his mouth!
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From Destane on 07/24/12
From Cintillate on 01/22/12
Waah he is so cute as a baby, still cute but as a baby oh so cute!
From horserider321 on 05/03/11
the first pic is the cutest ever! i love it when your dog is laying next to the foal! cute cute cute XD
From eventerwannabe on 01/05/11
I'm not normally a TWH fan, but your boy is STUNNING!!
From skinnyminnie on 08/10/10
Awww he is soo cute !
From SpiritJordanRivers on 10/17/09
He's SO pretty! I have a TN Walker too! Aren't they the sweetest? :)
From angelsgrace on 10/05/09
I love your saddle dakota
From angelsgrace on 10/05/09
love the one of him as a foal with the dog so cute!
From Lori1983 on 10/03/09
The pic of Dakota as a foal is SO CUTE. :)
From horseloverd2 on 05/02/09
Love the last pic. ;)
From Walkamile on 03/10/09
Beautiful boy, and really good pictures. Love the one with the dog laying down by Dakota as a foal.
From Sendero on 01/21/09
Very pretty horse. Your owner must be proud of you!
From Tianimalz on 01/06/09
AWW!! He is so cute!!!!! Mister Dakota is going to be a very handsome boy when he grows up and out ;D
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