Barn NameGypsie
Registered NameGem's Gypsie Gold
LocationEtowah County, Alabama, United States
BreedTennessee Walking
Age26 years, 7 months old
Acquired04/18/2002 (19 years ago)
Head MarkingsStrip
Body MarkingsWhite hairs
DisciplinesPleasure trail riding

About GypsieGypsie (aka 'Momma') is my 'girl'. She's my first horse and she holds a very special place with me. We've been through a lot together and have a very strong bond. She and I act a lot alike and really 'click' together. She's that 'one special horse' in my life and I'll never have another like her.

She loves people, but it's just fine with her if she's not messed with. She doesn't have to be petted or loved on, a quick 'hey girl' will suffice. She's my horsey counterpart.

She is semi-retired due to pretty bad arthritis in her knees, shoulders and back. We no longer do hard rides, but she still loves to get out and explore the trails! We go her speed nowadays.
ActivitiesShe is lightly trail ridden nowadays.
Favorite FoodSpicy Cheetos
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From Clydesdales on 09/21/13
She looks so pretty
From omghorses on 02/24/12
How beautiful!
From MomoMozyyy on 01/22/12
Love the costume! She sounds like a wonderful horse! First horses always are special! - Momo, Romeo, and Dawnie
From Cintillate on 01/22/12
The speed demon! ^^
From ilovemyPhillip on 11/03/09
HAH! I love the picture with the horns! I have a pair of those too!
From equiniphile on 09/21/09
gorgeous TW!
From brittany on 01/15/09
Aww she's pretty!!
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