Barn NameDiesel
LocationBelgrade, United States

About DieselPretty much the greatest horse ever. I got him when he was five and brought him with me from NJ to Montana. He and I have been through pretty much everything together. When I got him he had bad problems with rearing and with getting in your personal space. After alot of hard work, he is now the perfect gentleman and a winning athlete.
ActivitiesAbsolutly LOVES barrel racing. Hates pole bending. Loves to chase cows and play cowboy polo. I've jumped him a bit, but he is still figuring out what to make of it. Have done endurance rides with him, and used him to teach beginners to ride. Anything I ask him to do he puts 110 percent into it.
Favorite FoodCarrots
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From sorrel Thoroughbreds on 12/08/13
Beautiful horse. Did you ever teach people to ride? If so can I ask u for riding advice?
From spookychick13 on 01/27/11
Wow, he is a handsome boy. I love him!!
From IheartPheobe on 08/28/09
I know a horse named Diesel.. he's AMAZING! :) Maybe it runs in the name. lol. Diesel is gorgeous!!
From vbrill on 07/08/09
awww he's adorable
From Wallaby on 05/27/09
Diesel is adorable. =)
From amy on 05/05/09
Love the name. I've always wanted a big QH named Truck :)
From LeahKathleen on 04/16/09
Aw, love that face. What a cutie. :]
From kchfuller on 03/25/09
he is so cute! :)
From banjiny16 on 02/23/09
AWE! now thats a cute face!
From Dartanion on 12/13/08
I LOVE his name! he sounds a lot like my boy but I think D is too lazy to be any good at barrel racing lol.
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