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Barn Name: Littlebit
Registered Name: Littlebit Of Honey
Location: Dadeville , Missouri , United States
Owner: Baylen Jaxs
Breed: Quarter Horse
Gender: Mare
Age: 16 years, 8 months old
Acquired: 04/28/2010 (11 years ago)
Color: Chestnut
Hands: 14
Head Markings: Blaze
Leg Markings: Socks & Stockings
Disciplines: Barrel racing
About: Littlebit Littlebit came from one of my mothers friends. We actually had bought her a year and a half before she came to live with us. She is chestnut 14hands has 3 socks, stripped hooves and a blaze with a dot.
Littlebit is a Qh horse mix. Her grandsire was Arabian and her granddam was Qh missouri fox trotter. She's more QH then she is anything else. Though when she likes to act like a jerk that's when you see the Arab side come out lol. She is my barrel mare.
Activities: Barrel racing, running, being an priss, eating and lounging around!
Favorite Food: Carrots, celery, mints, sugar cubes, alfalf treats
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