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Barn Name: Apache
Location: Kentucky , United States
Owner: Cat
Breed: Draft
Gender: Male
Age: 15 years, 8 months old
Color: Grey
Hands: 16
About: Apache This boy was a orphan foal from a nursemare farm. So his mom was used to nurse a more valuable foal and he was left to fend for himself. We got him from a rescue and had to feed him milk replacer out of a bucket and almost lost him at one point due to foal pnemonia. He's now a big healthy boy that gets into lots of mischief. He was going to be my horse, but my husband has since adopted him as his own! They make a good match as both are very laid back and let nothing phase them.
Activities: Mainly hacking around the trails with my husband.
Location: In my backyard.
Favorite Food: anything he can get his lips on
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