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Cheyennes mom's Barn

Barn Name: Maverick
Location: Alberta , Canada
Owner: Cheyennes mom
Breed: Arabian
Gender: Gelding
Age: 13 years, 9 months old
Acquired: 09/01/2012 (8 years ago)
Color: Bay
Hands: 15
Head Markings: Star
Disciplines: Show jumping
About: Maverick Maverick's the cutest horse in the WORLD! He's super funny, always in the way just to be with you. He whinnies and throws his head up and down whenever he sees me come to see him. I even taught him to come to me when I whistle for him! He has SO much personality in him, you can put an exact voice to his actions.
Activities: He's only 6 years old and I've been training him myself lately. His training is coming along VERY well and I took him to his first show on September 2012! We won all the english classes and one of the western classes! For his first show he did AMAZING! He's a very talented jumper and LOVES to do it! I have also been working on gymkhana games like barrel racing and pole bending. He's the fastest horse I've EVER ridden, his only problem is that he likes to get carried away and buck in between barrels...but we'll get over that :) Planning on racing and showing him this year (2013) and I'm VERY excited! :D
Favorite Food: Anything
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