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CowgirlShay's Barn

Barn Name: Topper
Owner: CowgirlShay
Breed: Dutch Warmblood
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Color: Black
Hands: 16.2
About: Topper The most beaaaaautiful horsie at the ranch :D ! well to me anyways (owner)
Topper is a very easy horse to take care of, and most of the time calm :P she looooves to jump! the highest i have jumped with her is like 3 feet but I'm sure she can go higher & she likes to gallop, whenever i ask for it she'll go straight to it and will keep going for me :) and she can be fast! Don't let her laziness fool you! Other than that I'm pretty lucky to have her, if the sellers never reduced the price I wouldn't have her right now! She's also the tallest horse at my barn I believe :O
Activities: Flat work, Hunter/Jumping, Shows, Lessons, Trail rides, Gymkhana, Swording, umm alot of things!
but her fave is JUMPING!
Location: Umm, the ranch that I take lessons at
can't say exactly where :)
Favorite Food: Apples
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