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Curly_Horse_CMT's Barn

Barn Name: Loki
Location: Michigan , United States
Owner: Curly_Horse_CMT
Breed: Icelandic
Gender: Gelding
Date of Birth: 01/01/2001 (Loki has moved on)
Acquired: 09/06/2014 (6 years ago)
Color: Black
Hands: 13.3
Head Markings: White muzzle
Leg Markings: Partial pastern
Disciplines: Pleasure trail riding
About: Loki I acquired Loki in September of 2014 but had been riding him since late spring of 2013. He was a horse that wasn't for everyone; he had an issue with bolting and was known to go over and through just about any kind of fencing. I had known him since he was a two year old when he was sold to a neighbor down the road from us. I started putting miles on him for his owners at the time, and he was officially offered to be in June of 2014. I have never felt the same connection with any other horse that I had with Loki; he was a horse of no reserve, bold athleticism and spirit. There will never be another like him. RIP to my Viking Warrior Horse.
Activities: Pleasure trail riding
Favorite Food:
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