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Delta123's Barn

Barn Name: Delta
Owner: Delta123
Breed: Appaloosa
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Color: Dun and White
Hands: 15
About: Delta November 4th 1997 delta arrived.She has been out of work for 18 months due to having a colt called ollie and she used to show jump hunting cross country and pony club and eventing and fully trained western. She likes all food especially chocolate and wormer she will follow you around all day after you have just wormed her for more of it! she is also really fat because she keeps jumping fences and eating all the neighbours grass!!
She is dun and white with a really big white blanket i have to get more pictures of her. She has her bad days and her good days and loves a good scratch around the girth area and once you start you cant stop shes the typical marish mare that you get and will chase you if you stop scratching also she will show you were she is ichy.The funny thing is you can play hide and seek with her!!
Activities: I do pleasure and ponyclub on her and just hack around with my friends! Also i am getting quite competitive and wanting to go to shows and stuff and the highest shes jumed is 1metre and 35 centimetres!!!
Location: New Zealand
Favorite Food: Wormer
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