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deuceschinagirl's Barn

Barn Name: Impressively Designed (Sassy)
Owner: deuceschinagirl
Breed: Paint
Gender: Female
Age: 8
Color: Black, tobiano
Hands: 14.3
About: Impressively Designed (Sassy) I First saw Sassy when she was just three days old. At the time, her dam (whom I also own) belonged to a very good friend of mine and I could not even imagine that was to be mine for keeps. Now I cannot even stand the thought of what my life would be like without her. Her Great grandsire on her sire's side is a half brother to the famed Dr Fager. Notable horses such as Citation and Bull Lea also came from that line. Sassy's pedigree includes other goodies such as, Intentionally, War Relic, Man O' War, Northern Dancer and too many others to list here. Sassy has a spunky nature, but is very loving and always wants to do her best to please me. She is kind of like my shadow. When I'm in the pasture with her, she follows me around like a dog and if she were the size of one, I think she'd try to sit in my lap. We are a very good team and there are times think that Sassy might fly to the moon if she were asked to do it. Infact, we are so close that I NEVER have to demand anything from her. I only need ask her and she is more than happy to follow through. The Last 8 years with Sassy have felt like a dream to me. She is my best friend and I love her very much.
Activities: I have trained Sassy myself and I compete at open shows with her in Halter, showmanship, Equitation, western pleasure and trail. I also hit the trails with her. Sassy has a nice soft mouth and works off the legs beautifully. She always responds the instant she is asked and is such a joy to ride. She is so responsive, that I am thinking of going bitless and eventually, bridless with her.
Location: Dayton Washington
Favorite Food: anything that won't bite her first!
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