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Dziggetai's Barn

Barn Name: Casey Jones
Location: New Zealand
Owner: Dziggetai
Breed: Crossbred Pony
Gender: Gelding
Date of Birth: 01/01/1984 (Casey Jones has moved on)
Color: Bay
Hands: 13.1
Head Markings: Stripe
Leg Markings: Socks & Stockings
Disciplines: Halter
About: Casey Jones Casey was put down peacefully at around 26 years of age, with his family at his side, after what we suspect was intestinal cancer caught up with him. He was and always will be my favourite pony. I loved him very much.
Casey is an extremely intelligent little pony. His cute looks are deceptive - he'll take advantage of anyone if he's given a chance. He's decidedly naughty but all show really and not nasty. Put a beginner on him and he'll off and dump them, then turn around once they hit the ground to come back and sniff at them, all innocence and "how did you get there?" He'll never be boring, that's for sure. He's a whole lot of fun; a little rocket.
He has outlived all my other horses and now just lives with a fat little goat named Jimmy. I'm too big to ride him now so I hand walk him instead. He loves to be part of things. I love him to pieces and I wish I could shrink myself in the dryer.
The palamino in the picture was his true love Khan, a 30-odd year old gelding who died last year.
Activities: Moving fast, nudging me, trying to get away with things, rolling his eyes and staring suspiciously, om nom nom-ing, going for walks down the road.
Favorite Food: the kind that comes in a bucket
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