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Eolith's Barn

Barn Name: Kasja
Location: Washington , United States
Owner: Eolith
Breed: Thoroughbred/Warmblood
Gender: Mare
Age: 26 years, 7 months old
Color: Black
Hands: 16.2
Head Markings: Star
Leg Markings: Pastern
Disciplines: Classical dressage, English pleasure, Pasture Ornament
About: Kasja My family has had Kasja since she was 7 years old... and it has been an adventure. We have faced a great deal of challenges, and are still facing some, but we understand her on a deep level, and she understands us. When we got Kasja, we quickly found out that she was a bit more of a handful than we had been expecting. She was very spooky, and her previous training had been incorrect (the riders who trained her rode her heavy on the forehand with a lot of contact on the reins). The work has been slow and laborious, interrupted by a year on stall rest due to lameness, but Kasja has begun to mellow out and has learned to carry herself differently, which has in itself made her feel more at ease being ridden. There are times that we wouldn't have been able to carry through if it wasn't for her sweet, affectionate nature.
Activities: Before we bought her, Kasja was used as a jumper and a dressage horse. A few years after we got her, we found out that she was developing arthritis in her right front pastern. No more jumping. We still ride dressage at the normal pace, with walk trot and canter, but occasionally she'll have an "off" day.
Favorite Food: Apples
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