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Barn Name: Quintessence
Registered Name: Kokovoko Quintessence
Location: Kentucky , United States
Owner: Fringe
Breed: Gotland Pony
Gender: Gelding
Age: 14 years, 7 months old
Acquired: 08/03/2012 (8 years ago)
Color: Buckskin
Hands: 13.3
Leg Markings: Fetlock
Disciplines: Cross Country, Eventing, Show jumping
About: Quintessence Quintessence is the Gotland cross pony I leased and trained for a few months. I returned him to his owner in the fall of 2012. Leasing him was my first experience of what it would really be like to own a horse and it was fantastic.
He is absolutely wonderful. He learns everything so fast and is always accepting of new things. He has endless energy, I really believe, because he loves to go super super fast and at the end of a long ride he still has just as much energy. But we've learned to channel his energy better now, so he's got nice flatwork now and has schooled up to 3 feet over fences. He's loves to jump and is so honest to everything. He's learning his flying lead changes now. He has both changes pretty well, he just misses his hind end every once in a while going to the left.
It's just started getting chilly outside and it's made him so fresh he's forgotten all about the "channel your energy" thing, but I'm making him do all the exercises that got him to slow down in the first place, so hopefully he'll chill out again soon!
Activities: He loves being scratched behind his ears, on his neck, chest, and mane. He makes super silly faces whenever you scratch him. His favorite activity is eating grass.
Favorite Food: Grass, carrots, apples
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