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HorsesHorses08's Barn

Barn Name: Red
Owner: HorsesHorses08
Breed: Quarter horse
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Color: sorrol
Hands: 15.3
About: Red I was starved almost to death and i was rescued by a lady who put all of my weight back on and before all of this i was used as a lesson horse and a trail horse and THEN was rescued and I gave the lady some attitude and she sold me to the girl who has me now and she makes me mind..Its no fun because i can not buck but she jumps me and that is my favorite thing to do! She feeds me extra grain because i am extra special and feeds me apples and cookies and does not ride me often so i get a nice vacation in between!
Activities: Jumping, bucking, kicking , huntseat, english pleasure, trying to throw his rider. Currently training in Dressage, Eventing, and Crosscountry!
Location: Hopefully at my house. if not i better go look for him!
Favorite Food: Anything that dosen't eat him first!
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