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This horse is for sale for 700!
Barn Name: Pokie FOR SALE!
Owner: JDTRanch
Breed: Paint
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Color: Grey Paint
Hands: 15.5
About: Pokie FOR SALE! Pokie is a grey flea bitten paint. She has very unusual coloring. Her paint markings are very light until you bath her. She rides very good. She has no bad habbits if your an experienced rider, she will test you to see what she can get away with. Use a soft heel to make her go along with a kissy noise, NO SPURS needed. She loves to run. She neck reins, backs, loads. Can handle hooves well. Her feet are done every 6 weeks. She doesnt rear, buck, or bite. She is a very sweet girl. Her coggins is up to date. She rides very good with a Tom Thumb snaffle. I am really not wanting to get rid of her, but we need to make room for a pony for our 7 yr old son. She catches easy in the pasture with a few treats. Because she holds her weight well (Easy Keeper), we keep her on a strict diet of 1 scoop of 12% S&S and 4 leafs of hay a day. If you feed her more than that you can't saddle her comfortably. She has never been bred. If sold, she must go to a loving home who will use her & treat her right. She needs to be rode by a semi-experienced rider. If you want to see more pics, just email me. The pictures shown with my wife were taken Saturday March 13, 2010. So that is what she looks like currently.
Activities: We just use her for trail riding. We have introduced her to barrels and she can cut pretty good and has great speed. But we are just messing around with her. She would need to lose a few pounds before she could be trained to run barrels.
Location: Savoy, TX
Favorite Food: S&S 12% Pellet
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