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kay56649's Barn

Barn Name: Coosa
Registered Name: Coosa Touch of Class
Location: Minnesota , United States
Owner: kay56649
Breed: Quarter Horse
Gender: Gelding
Age: 19 years, 6 months old
Color: Brown
Hands: 15.2
Head Markings: Star
Leg Markings: Fetlock
Disciplines: Bareback, English pleasure, Equitation, Halter, Show trail, Showmanship, Western pleasure
About: Coosa Coosa is the most unique horse i have ever met!!! He has a personality that is so funny, it is almost like he is human!! He will play games and tricks on you!! He is just so funny and I love my boy!! He is also a super western pleasure, english pleasure, showmanship, and halter MACHINE! He knows his job and is super sweet!!
Activities: He is a lazy horse, but I would rather have that than a spunky horse! He is lazy but very willing and only likes to please!! He is a great pleasure horse and is a showmanship machine!
We went to the State 4-H horse show and placed very well for his first time down there in over 5 years. We took 9th in western pleasure out of 40, 9th in horsemanship out of 40, and 7th in english equitation out of 40. I was very happy with our results
Favorite Food: apples, carrots
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