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Kijofreg's Barn

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Barn Name: Kijofregs Alaska
Owner: Kijofreg
Breed: Gypsy horse
Gender: Female
Age: 1
Color: Black with splash
Hands: Unknown
About: Kijofregs Alaska Alaska was born on the 12th of July 2008. She's the first foal of my all-times-favourite-mare - Egehøjs Maj.
Alaska loves to have people around. She does love her mum, but people petting her back is almost as good, and she can stay still for ages when someone else is riding her mum, as long as she is being petted.
She trusts everyone. Which is both good and bad. She'd be easy to steal, but, hopefully, that'll never happen.
August 2009:
1-year-old and she's the easiest little mare I have ever handled. Her temper is perfect, and she can do everything that the gown-up-mares can do. Except carrying someone on her back, of course.
She's medium built with medium feathers.
Activities: Not so many yet. She's been on a few short trips with her mum, but most of the time she will sleep or drink milk.
August 2009:
She's been bathing in the sea, which she loved, and she's been to this course-day-thingy with her step-sister, which she handled so well!
Location: Djursland, Denmark.
Favorite Food: Apples
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