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Mercy143's Barn

Barn Name: Mercy
Location: Roswell , New Mexico , United States
Owner: Mercy143
Breed: Quarter Horse
Gender: Mare
Date of Birth: 00/00/2002 (Mercy has moved on)
Acquired: 12/06/2003 (17 years ago)
Color: Buckskin
Hands: 14
Head Markings: Blaze, Snip, Strip
Leg Markings: Socks & Stockings
Disciplines: Pasture Ornament
About: Mercy I bought this little mare at an auction Dec 2003. She was injured I paid all of $5 for her with no guarantee that she would ever be ridable. Not sure what happened but she would not put weight on her left front leg she had 2 puncture wounds on her left shoulder. Vet said nothing was broken but she was very sick and the infection was real bad. He wasn't even sure she would survive. I took her home put her in my back yard and started her on penicillin and small doses of Bute . I kept hay down for her and started small feedings of grain twice a day. After about 2 weeks she looked worse then she did the day we brought her home but she was on the road to recovery we had the infection under control she was off the bute and eating two full scoops of feed twice a day. By march she was still skinny but she was definitely doing better she was still limping but was starting to put weight on her leg. By May she was walking normal and starting to put weight on real good. It was mid June when we noticed that he right knee was swollen. Vet said he was afraid it would happen, she had DJD degenerative joint disease in her right knee. Vet said there was not much we could do except make her as comfortable as we could and I would never get to ride her. By 2006 her knee was still swollen and the leg from there down had started to twist. Vet said as long as she wasn't in any pain she would be ok. By Aug of 08 you could tell she was hurting more then she wasn't so we made the choice to have her put to sleep. 3 years later I still tear up when I think of her, she was a sweet and gentle soul, I miss her so much.
Activities: Pasture Ornament
Favorite Food: Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits
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