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Nell J's Barn

Barn Name: Chica
Registered Name: Cute N Snappy Mega
Location: northern mn , Minnesota , United States
Owner: Nell J
Breed: Quarter Horse
Gender: Filly
Age: Unknown
Color: Dun
Hands: 14.3
Disciplines: Reined Cowhorse
About: Chica Chica is my new delight. I bought her as a two year old who was in a tough spot. Her old owner bought her from auction and she was a fearful little thing. She put her up for sale as she was a lot of work and the owner wanted a performance horse home. I could not bare to see her go through auction again so I brought her home. It took TLC and a lot of care and she came around fast.
After I gained her trust I sent her to a reined cow horse trainer who knew her history and continued the TLC and training.
She spent three months in training and came back a mature and happy horse.
She is my new star that brings me a ton of joy. The work is worth the effort with her and she is going back to the trusted trainer soon to start her reined cow horse career!
Activities: Trails and reined cow horse
Favorite Food:
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