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Rachel1786's Barn

Barn Name: Faith(R.I.P)
Location: Pennsylvania , United States
Owner: Rachel1786
Breed: Unknown
Gender: Mare
Date of Birth: 01/01/1981 (Faith(R.I.P) has moved on)
Acquired: 08/16/2010 (10 years ago)
Color: Grulla
Hands: 16
Head Markings: Star
About: Faith(R.I.P) Faith was a grulla mare pulled from the kill pen, I was going to foster her for a lady(kerry, who i am now good friends with over facebook) who lives in Florida, The rescue stated that she was lame(which was seen in her video) but that "her feet need trimmed her sole is on the ground and she is tender when walking because of this we didn't ride her. No heat in feet no sinking felt at cornary band and no founder marks in hoof."
Sadly the day after she arrived to me she had to be put down because of the severity of her founder, Kerry never even got to meet her. Dispite the pain she must have been in she was a very sweet patient willing horse who tried her best to do as we asked as much as it hurt her, she was in such bad shape that when the vet arrived we couldn't even get her to walk out of her stall
Here is her video "rescue" has removed her video because despite their claims it clearly shoes a text book founder horse.
Activities: running over the rainbow bridge
Favorite Food:
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