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Rachel1786's Barn

Barn Name: Skip (no longer have)
Location: Pennsylvania , United States
Owner: Rachel1786
Breed: Quarter Horse
Gender: Gelding
Age: 34 years, 11 months old
Acquired: 10/01/2004 (16 years ago)
Color: Black
Hands: 15
Leg Markings: Socks & Stockings
About: Skip (no longer have) I got skip from a lady i worked with, she was no longer riding she she gave him to me for free, she told me "he's a great horse, anyone can ride" well in the 5 years Skip sat he became a bucker and bucked off nearly every rider, after owning him for about 2 years i gave him to a friend of mine, she had very little horse experience but could afford to have a professional work with him, with consistency he got a little better, but her money started running out and she gave him to someone else(although i would have taken him back to find him a suitable home) for years i didn't see him, i worried he had ended up going to slaughter, but then 2 weeks ago i went to check out a stable for lessons, another friend of mine was with me because we are doing semi-private, somehow the stable my friend boarded Skip at got brought up and i mentioned that my "evil bucker had been there" she asked me his name, and well, there he was, just a pasture over from where we were standing, he still bucks, but gives you warning now, and has a young girl who he has bonded with, i'm so glad everything worked out for him
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