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rangergirl56m's Barn

Barn Name: Gone & Dunn It
Owner: rangergirl56m
Breed: Quarter Horse
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Color: Flea-Bitten Grey
Hands: 15.1
About: Gone & Dunn It The first time I saw Dunn was the fall of 2005 at the college stables. I knew NOTHING about horses...literally nothing. Not how to ride, how to feed, what they needed to stay alive, nothing. But it was love at first sight. I remember starting to learn as much as I could so someday I could try & buy him. I used to go down to the corrals almost every other day or so to sit under a big maple tree and watch him. In 2006 they decided that he was going to be sold...I remember the day the that a lady was supposed to come and look at buying him. They had him all prettied up and he was STUNNING! I prayed that he wouldn't be sold. The lady never showed up. Anyway, long story short in 2008 I was finally able to sign a contract to buy him, and finally ended up taking him home in the summer of 2009. He is my once in a life in a lifetime horse. Sadly he has a very aggressive form of cancer, and his life is being stolen away too quickly, but we are thankful for every day that we have together.
Activities: Trail Riding
Location: The pasture in front of the house
Favorite Food: Home-Made Horse Treats
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