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Rissa's Barn

Barn Name: Keegan
Location: Greene Co. , Indiana , United States
Owner: Rissa
Breed: Friesian
Gender: Male
Age: 17 years, 7 months old
Color: Black
Hands: 17
About: Keegan Keegan is a perfect example of the modern style Friesian that is commonly sought after for dressage and sport horses.
Keegan has been evaluated as an outstanding prospect for upper level dressage. As you can see from his photos Keegan is athletic with a strong trot however he has a huge beautiful canter & he loves to do it. This along with his modern sport build gives him upper level dressage ability. I have no doubts that Keegan will excel in anything he does.
We have found a wonderful trainer, her name is Agnieszka Turek we believe that with Agnieszka's outstanding training abilities and Keegan's natural abilities that this is a match made in Heaven.
Activities: Keegan is a very smart stallion. Keegan is already able to do a fluid Spanish Walk under saddle. He learned leg ques to do this under saddle in less than three weeks. Keegan can also bow under saddle with vocal ques. His owner Emily Jewell taught him how to bow under saddle in less than TWO WEEKS! He learned how to do this right before the Hoosier Horse Fair. He has a knack for learning things and picks up so quickly. Keegan can also "stretch out" to help us short ladies onto his back. And to keep us amused he's able to say "YES" and "NO" and can smile on command. Always a crowd pleaser. :)
Keegan loves to show off. He knows he's beautiful and loves the attention that comes with being beautiful.
During the Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo 2009 Keegan spent his weekend posing with fans of all ages and sizes. We took him out and let him stretch his legs outside and he wowed all the passersby. He's made guest appearances since then to 4h classes to promote awareness of his breed.
Favorite Food: Everything sweet!
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