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sarahver's Barn

Barn Name: Ruling Angel
Owner: sarahver
Breed: Thoroughbred
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Color: Dapple Grey
Hands: 16
About: Ruling Angel I have owned this horse since she was four years old, she is my 'once in a lifetime' horse. I couldn't bring myself to sell her when I left Australia so I am leasing her to someone who is currently breeding her to a lovely warmblood stallion, can't wait to see the babies!
Activities: She evented for four years (to EFA pre novice - one level before CCI*) and was honest and bold in all of the jumping phases. We also did straight dressage and showjumping as training for eventing, she was just a great horse. Eventually I ran out of time and money for competing and sold off all my horses except her. For the last few years I used her mostly for pleasure riding, we spent many a Saturday afternoon together, galloping along the trails and beaches of the Mornington Peninsula!
Location: Melbourne, Australia. I looked at shipping her to the States with me when I moved but at a cost of $12,000 I just couldn't do it.
Favorite Food:
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