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Savvy Debonair's Barn

Barn Name: Red
Location: Bathurst , New South Wales , Australia
Owner: Savvy Debonair
Breed: Thoroughbred
Gender: Gelding
Age: 19 years, 8 months old
Acquired: 02/05/2010 (11 years ago)
Color: Chestnut
Hands: 15.3
Head Markings: Star
Body Markings: Ben d'Or spots
Leg Markings: Coronet
Disciplines: Bareback, Cross Country, Dressage, English pleasure, Eventing, Show hack
About: Red Red is a challenge of a horse, got to always be alert with him. For my first horse i never imagined i'd end up with a fire ball like Red, abused, distrustful, wary, but kind and loving. He is a sweet horse, with lovely gaits. Does take some motivation, and does buck, abit. - This was Red in the start of 2010.
As of current, Red - 2011. He is now much calmer, rideable, working in correct paces (Except canter) We have been lunging, lungign with side reins, working in a frame, working with draw reins, trot poles, road hacking, going in water, swimming, jumping puddles/tires/fixed things (only small xD). And he has all his medicals done. He must now not jump until his Sacra-illiac joints and top line have strengthened, this is going to take work over ground poles and cavaletti. This chiro was out today (24th Feb) He was amazing and Red stood like a gentleman. Shows what a year can do.
He is also not as flighty or paniced. I can flip ropes all over him, swing whips, chunk blankets on him on his head, sit on his head (not literally)! Pick all his hooves, stretch him, sit all over him, ect. ect xD.
So i have gotten a lovely trainer out ,and for the past 3 weeks we have been discovering Red's mental capacities. She believes he was strongly sawed before i bought him, and whipped and beaten, and screwed with till he was a bunch of fumbly freaked out panicked nerves. So we are working on being calm and relaxed going through collected paces and on the bit training to strengthen him back end, as well as the chiropractic work. He is coming along wonderfully! He is cantering when i ask after just 3 weeks of looking at things from a different perspective!.
Activities: Getting fit!
Working correctly. Trot poles, small jumps, cantering in a frame. Having fun ;). Lunge correctly.
Favorite Food: Red Gala Apples
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