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Sophie Nix Slyvink's Barn

Barn Name: Scout
Location: United States
Owner: Sophie Nix Slyvink
Breed: Paint/Pinto/Spotted Saddle
Gender: Gelding
Age: 16 years, 11 months old
Color: Tobiano
Hands: 15
Head Markings: Snip, Star
Leg Markings: Socks & Stockings
Disciplines: Companion horse, Pleasure trail riding
About: Scout Scout is the lesson horse that I have primarily been learning on for the last 2 years. He's about 16 years old, 15hh, and honestly I just love him to bits. He was a rescue- he was starved and neglected for years before being rescued and becoming a lesson horse & guided trail horse. We don't know what breeds he is exactly, but judging by conformation, color, and temperament, we think he's a mix of paint/quarter and spotted saddle.
*I don't own him, he belongs to the barn I take lessons at
Activities: Groundwork & Beginner-Intermediate Riding Lessons, Guided Trail Rides, Leadline Pony Rides,
Favorite Food: Everything
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