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Tessa7707's Barn

Barn Name: Daisy Mae
Registered Name: N/A
Location: California , United States
Owner: Tessa7707
Breed: Paint
Gender: Mare
Age: Unknown
Color: Tobiano
Hands: 15.2
About: Daisy Mae Daisy Mae was my first horse. I sadly had to part with her in early 2012 due to financial hardship. She has a great new home and was a birthday present to a little girl- perfect job for Daisy. We learned a lot together. I taught her some things and she taught me others. She was my buddy and I'll always miss her.
Activities: Daisy loved trails, especially those with obstacles like a log or something to jump.
She liked riding in Drill, she was a great lesson horse for teaching beginners.
Not a great barrel horse, no hope for western pleasure, definitely not dressage, haha, but she was brave and she was smart. She was a great horse for me and seems to like her new girl too.
Favorite Food: Watermelon Rinds, Carrots, Apples, Hay, grass.. weeds.. grrr.
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