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Twilight Arabians's Barn

Barn Name: Onyx(SOLD)
Owner: Twilight Arabians
Breed: Arabian
Gender: Male
Age: 6
Color: Black
Hands: 14
About: Onyx(SOLD) Onyx is a 6 year old Arabian gelding. his last owner had bought him aa an auction and he was in a poor state. the man that owned him before had used an ear and nose twitch on him as a form of punishment, and we also think he probably hit him as Onyx will flinch is you raise your hand at him. the lady i got him from had come along way with him but when he was about 4 she took him out on a trail ride and was running him up a steep hill, he ended up triping and falling down the hill. she ended up brakeing her shoulder pretty bad. Onyx was totally fine and stayed by her side the hole time, he such a sweet loving horse, but after that she stoped riding, Onyx was pretty much tramatized after the accident and had sat without being touched for over a year. Its taken a year to get him to a good place, he's now being used in 4-H, had a few issues at the first meeting and we had to put a stud chain on him but we haven't had to use the stud chain since. :-)
Activities: Dressage, jumping, acting like a stud, eating and having a good old time!
Location: Onyx has been sold to a super nice show home in OR! Watch out for him in the shows!!
Favorite Food: mint treats!
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