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Barn Name: Crow
Owner: Zab
Breed: Standardbred, born in sweden (Svensk Varmblodig Travhäst)
Gender: Male
Age: 6
Color: Brown xD Bay?
Hands: 15
About: Crow Crow is registered as Mr Crom but I refuse to call him that. I bught him a little more than a year ago, needing company for my dads new hrse and as our previous plans broke down, we were in a hurry. I was going to buy myself ''a real'' horse, one just like I wanted, once I had a job and an income. Crow were supposed to stay with us for as long as we could keep him, as company and perhaps as a horse for my friends if we wanted to take a ride.
When we bought him he was very obedient, but very stressed, literally shaking - still he just walked straight up into the trailer. I didnt think I'd be able to handle him, and he wasn't broken under a saddle either, at all. He had one shoe which had almost grown into the way too long hoof.
But just a few days after we got him hme, he calmed down remarkably. Since he was there and I was young and fearless, I started riding him. In a low noseband with reins and a treefree, really cheap saddle. It went ok for a while and I noticed that despite of being a quite hot horse with lots of engine and some stress, he wasn't a nervous wreck of any kind, but still quite cool and he listened well. I've now learnt that his stress comes of his will to do everything right, he gets stressed when he doesn't understand. But, then, the inevitable happened, the saddle slid to his belly I shattered my wrist and both I and the poor horse ot frightened by it. With many ups and downs, it took almost a year before I dared to ride him again, with lots of help from a trainer this time. It kept going up and down and never felt quite right. So I gave us a last chance and sent him on a several months training camp with my trainer. And now, finally soon two years from the fall, I'm completely unafraid and I can't wait to ride him and get him home. :D
As you might have quessed, the plans of a ''better'' horse disappeared somewhere along the road. And when I found out he was a very natural racker, I was overjoyed! :)
I wouldn't trade him for all horses in the world.
I've ad him at home for a few months and we ride.. still lots of ups and downs, like today the saddle girth snapped on us, but at least we do make some progress I think :P
Activities: Trailriding, playing on the ground, jumping logs in the woods and academic dressage (not that we're any good at it).
Location: Sweden. :)
Favorite Food: Human skin, it seems :P
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