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My gelding looks a lot like that, a little skinnier, but we can't get him to gain did you do it? Just to get a hint of what were dealing with...ours is on pasture all day, then comes in and eats 4 leafs of hay, plus senior grain, and weight gain grain, and normal grain, but nothing works.

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Hi, well, what we did was made sure he had hay all the time, free choice, beet pulp pellets about 6 cups dry, then soak them. One nice size flake of alfalfa with oil poured on it. I may even have done that twice a day for awhile. At first we did strategy, then ultium, but stayed with amplify all by purina but the amplify has 30% fat. Now that he looks good he still gets the flake of alfalfa, beet pulp and amplify in the winter but summer pasture turnout is basically all he needs. Good luck and keep me posted! I would love pictures. Oh and its the oil that I believe packed on the weight and pretty fast too, 4 months and he was at the after weight I show in that album. They eat it really easy on the alfalfa cause they love it so much. I started slow and ended up a cup at each feeding. I would make sure to give at least a cup a day to make a difference.

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