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He's a cute little mover. My arena is actually alot smaller than I would like as well. Makes it hard to work on a green horse sometimes....

"Be a best friend, tell the truth, and overuse I love you
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@tinyliny , we have the same extra humidity down here too this year.

Bandit looks better and better. It's interesting how horses' bodies change with good use and properly fitting tack and riders they aren't bracing against. In the video he looks smooth and relaxed.

The picture with Cowboy stretching his neck up is so funny. He looks like he's worried he'll miss out on the treats.
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A cool summer here, too. There is still plenty of time for a heat wave, but this has been a great summer to ride.
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Started classes at the community college this week. Morning classes Monday & Wednesday (and appointments I needed to go to Tuesday) and then 3-hour night classes. Should be in class now except that class won't meet until next week. Happily, we are about to be at the time of year when the prime riding time is mid-day instead of early morning.

But Bandit hasn't been out for a while. And...last night, we had a big thunderstorm. The feed buckets are not quite vertical-sided, but they are close and they had 3 inches in them this morning. Muddy corral. Muddy tiny arena. Muddy trails. And horses who are NOT used to mud! Bandit would rather face dirt bikes than mud. Don't think the reservation had a lot of rain either when he was growing up!

So first good day for a ride and we won't.

Good news is I was 159 yesterday after our big meal. First time in at least 20 years that I've dropped below 160. Bad news? I'd guess I could go to 140-145 and still be carrying some "prosperity" as a friend calls it. But we're getting comfortable with having one big, varied meal for lunch and a snacking dinner (a couple of eggs, or maybe some cheese and nuts). And no breakfast. In "The Obesity Code", he argues we should be comfortable eating saturated fats, protein and unrefined carbs. Sugars and highly refined carbs? No. But natural carbs like beans and veggies and most fruits? OK. Dairy fats? Fine. Don't stress over calories or low fat or low carb or low anything. Well, maybe low starch & sugar.

Although here's the kicker: If you are not hungry, why are you eating? Or if you are never hungry, why eat like you need to store up for winter? Lots of wild animals would get really fat if it was always summer, never winter. Eat less processed foods. Splurge sometimes. But also accept being hungry sometimes. Maybe he should re-title his book "The Hunger Diet". Sales would plummet. We want to eat what we want, as much as we want, any time we want - and not gain weight. Some can. I sure as heck cannot! And the people who buy diet books are like me.

Want to ride. Stuck not riding. So speculating on diets. Sigh.

Riders ask "How?" Horsemen ask "Why?"
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Originally Posted by bsms View Post
Although here's the kicker: If you are not hungry, why are you eating?
Something I feel like people need to do is define hunger for themselves. My guess is that we may experience it differently. So we all should understand what actual hunger is in our own bodies.
I hear people saying around me, "I'm hungry." What does that mean? I saw this well fed person eat a granola bar a half hour ago. Surely their stomach cannot be cramping with emptiness and their body requiring food?

Years ago I fasted for 100 hours, only water. It was crazy, but interesting too. In all that time I can't say my stomach ever physically felt pain. There were feelings of weakness, dizziness, acid burning in the throat, things like that.

Perhaps since I was anorexic as a teen, my brain does not correlate any feelings from my stomach as pain. I'm not sure. But as an adult, I've had to learn what hunger feels like for me. Hunger is a need for food rather than a want for food. Hunger for me is feeling woozy and weak, unable to focus well. I can push through which means I am using stores of energy that are more difficult for my body to process, and my brain does not work as well with less glucose.

It seems to me that some people interpret acid in the stomach or gas moving in the intestines as hunger. Or even an emotion from the brain. Something I try to do is say "I want to eat something," rather than "I need to eat something." Unless I actually need food.

Something I also think people don't do is define when they are not hungry anymore, versus full, versus overstuffed. A lot of times as a thinner type person with a healthy BMI, I eat merely until I am not hungry anymore. That doesn't take a lot of food. For example, I thought tonight that since I haven't eaten in a few hours, I should eat something so I can go to bed without waking up early needing food. So I ate a boiled egg with half a pickle. That will be enough food to last me a few hours. I don't need two whole sandwiches, which is what some of my coworkers would eat for a "snack" at work, and I believe is why they are the same height as me and 70 to 100 lbs heavier.

I understand that what you eat is important. However, the portions people eat seems to be a factor. What I see a lot is people eating two candy bars, two sandwiches, two cans of soup. This amazes me. I would eat two sandwiches if I hadn't eaten all day and also ran a half marathon. Short, sedentary women eat like they're twenty year old male athletes.
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Originally Posted by gottatrot View Post
...Hunger is a need for food rather than a want for food. Hunger for me is feeling woozy and weak, unable to focus well. I can push through which means I am using stores of energy that are more difficult for my body to process, and my brain does not work as well with less glucose...

...I should eat something so I can go to bed without waking up early needing food. So I ate a boiled egg with half a pickle. That will be enough food to last me a few hours...
Something intermittent fasting has taught me - and that I needed to relearn - is the difference between a craving (strong desire to eat something) and hunger (for me, "gnawing hunger" fits). Cravings are an emotion, lasting 30 minutes, intense ("I want something now!"), and often go away if I have something to keep me busy. Or a cup of coffee, usually.

If it is hunger, it won't go away. It isn't painful, although uncomfortable. I was hungry before I ran 3.5 miles yesterday. I was really hungry after running! But being hungry doesn't prevent me from running. I was feeling light-headed when I got back, so I drank 24 oz of water and had 2 capsules of runner's salt. Then I wasn't light-headed and I ate an hour later.

And once I cut the vast majority of sugar and bread and white rice, most of my cravings went away. Not all. But a craving will go away if I ignore it for 30-45 minutes. Hunger gradually intensifies. It might go away if I fasted for over 24 hours. I might try that sometime. Not yet.

So when I feel hunger, I tell my body, "You've GOT food. Right above my belt. Use it!"

I think belly fat is like my freezer. My mouth is like my refrigerator. It is easier to access food from the refrigerator than the freezer. But if I never use any food from the freezer, it will stay fully stocked. Hunger is when my body complains the refrigerator is empty. I then need to point to the freezer and tell it to thaw some food and eat.

When I started intermittent fasting, I did get headaches. So I took Motrin. After a week, I stopped getting hunger headaches. Now hunger is something I will experience regularly. Oh well. It isn't fatal. It no longer gives me headaches and I can exercise hard while hungry. That is what was missing from how I've lived much of my life. I'd eat in advance of being hungry so I wouldn't GET hungry - but hunger is normal in animals.

I lost 50 lbs when I was in the 9th grade and spent much of my adult years trying to avoid fat in my diet. Like the USDA and American Heart Association say to do. And if you cut fat out then it gets replaced with either protein (sometimes) or carbs(often). What I hadn't realized is how many "Low Fat" food have a ton of sugar added! So like many other Americans, I ate less fat and more sugar without even realizing it.

Since retiring from the military, I've also tended to think, "I'm getting older. If I want a scoop of ice cream before going to bed, so what?" So what? So it was making hiking and running and riding harder. And I had more cravings even if I was never hungry. The uncles on my Mom's side were all fat, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and didn't have heart attacks or strokes, at least into their late 80s. So I may have the genetics to survive regardless. But I don't want to look or live like they did! If age becomes an excuse, I'll age faster!

I've lost weight before. Always on a low carb diet. But low carb diets are hard to sustain. It gets really BORING. What I like about this approach is I can have carbs. Just not highly refined carbs. And I can eat cheese and eggs and nuts without feeling guilty that I'm eating "fat". And since it satisfies, I don't eat as much, and I also can be hungry and content at the same time.

We have also shifted to saying our one heavy meal a day can include almost anything except sugar or bread. Brown rice, kidney beans. I'm in Arizona, so I cheat sometimes and have flour tortillas - just make sure the flour (or white rice since my wife is from the Philippines) is a minor part of a complete meal.

The other meal is, like you say gottatrot, often small. A couple of eggs. Leftover casserole or stew. One bowl. Heck, we had a big meal just 5 hours earlier! Since starting intermittent fasting, my portions have shrunk. I just don't want to eat that much.

And yes, at some time during the 24 hours, I get hungry. Oh well. It isn't fatal. Most humans have known the feeling before.

Riders ask "How?" Horsemen ask "Why?"
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Not about horses. Not about diet. Start at 2:15 thru 4:45. It freaks me out.

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Riders ask "How?" Horsemen ask "Why?"
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Got a good ride in on Bandit. We went out solo. He strolled slowly down the dirt road. Didn't worry much until we entered the big wash. The other night's rain had changed the look and smell and left mud still along the sides. But he was...OK. Not thrilled, but OK.

A little ways down, the wash was looking uncommonly flat and smooth. I kissed for acceleration. He trotted, I kept kissing and he cantered. But you know something? His canter in the wash was a "Haul butt" canter, utterly unlike in the arena and even unlike on the short section of dirt road we normally canter on. I tried cantering in a half-seat and quickly decided I might live longer if I scrunched down in the saddle! I got him to slow just before the wash tuns 90 degrees and fills with rocks. We went another minute and turned back. As we came around the 90 degree turn, I had a choice. At the end of the smooth area, there is a large tree branch going out over most of the wash, above Bandit's withers. About my chest high. He was acting excited from the short burst of speed. Would he stop? Or duck under? Or should I walk him?

So I kissed. He jumped and hit the ground at a full-speed canter. Again, a desire to stay alive caused me to get deep. The heck with "saving his back". I was more interested in saving my butt! As we got close to the branch, I bumped the reins. Nothing. Bumped again. Nothing. As it looked like we were about to hit, I bumped again - and he slowed & twisted at the same time. And we walked in the narrow gap between the side of the wash and the branch.

Is that obedience? Or did he just slow and twist because it made sense? Both? Neither? Regardless, my helmetless head and chest we glad we didn't hit the branch. We started heading home. On the short dirt road, he still had his blood up, so we did a very fast trot. He didn't want to canter - the gullies in the road? We had passed a plastic bottle on the ground coming out without a flicker. We did a fast sideways trot past it heading home.

I'm a wimp. I was glad I had my free hand on the horn when he shifted into a sideways trot. Helped keep my shoulders above my hips, which is a good thing.

Anyways, got on home without injury or serious issue. The canters, short as they were, got him in touch with his Arabian half. They used him on the final leg of the relay races and I can see why.

I can see why a lot of people like "collection". A "collected gait" feels so much more controlled. A "haul butt" trot or canter reminds you that the person between your legs has ultimate control. Truth is, Bandit knew what he was doing. I talk about giving up control to gain it, but in truth? Giving up control and trusting your horse is hard. Really hard for me. Judging how many people dominate their horse, I guess it is hard for a lot of people.
Custer had grown into manhood during the Civil War, when the frantic, all-or-nothing pace of the cavalry charge came to define his life. "The sense of power and audacity that possess the cavalier, the unity with his steed, both are perfect," remembered one Civil War veteran who attempted to describe what it was like to charge into battle. "The horse is as wild as the man: with glaring eye-balls and red nostrils he rushes frantically forward at the very top of his speed, with huge bounds, as different from the rhythmic precision of the gallop as the sweep of the hurricane is from the rustle of the breeze. Horse and rider are drunk with excitement, feeling and seeing nothing but the cloud of dust, the scattered flying figures, conscious of only one made desire to reach them, to smite, to smite, to smite!"

- "The Last Stand" by Nathaniel Philbrick, pgs 46-47
I'm getting a bit old for wanting "to smite, to smite, to smite!" Maybe I need to buy a sword!

Now THAT would widen someone's eyes as Bandit & I came around a bend...let the dirt bikes scatter!

He paws in the valley and exults in his strength;
he goes out to meet the weapons.
He laughs at fear and is not dismayed;
he does not turn back from the sword.
-- Job 39

Riders ask "How?" Horsemen ask "Why?"

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My wife volunteered to ride with me today. Third time in 5 rides. Maybe? I told her if she let Trooper lag too far behind, he'd canter to catch up. If he did, I said to hold the horn with one hand, hang on, enjoy and Trooper would slow when he got close to Bandit. Happened in the narrow wash near the end of the ride. I could hear her yelling at Trooper. Got a quick glance back. She was hanging on. I don't twist well in the saddle and so by my next glimpse Trooper was slowing. I asked her if she was OK. She glared at me. "Of course! We were just cantering. Did you see us?"

I've been married long enough NOT to say, "Sure was a loud canter!"

But she was smiling at the end of ride, so...good sign?

Went for a 2.5 mile jog this afternoon. Not sure of the temp but it was like a sauna. Lost 3 lbs even in 20 minutes of running. Can you say sweat? Oddly enough, I'm still jogging in spite of never taking lessons. Sorry. Another thread still rankles, but I ought to know to avoid some threads. Maybe someday I can hire a monkey to climb on my back and tell me how to jog right. Instead of how I've done it for 40 years.
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Riders ask "How?" Horsemen ask "Why?"
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Loved reading that food and hunger reflection of yours a bit earlier (#2006). We watched this last year and it was really interesting - have you caught it yet?

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