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Isabeau, the Psychomare Diva Queen

I enjoyed Golden Horse's journal SO MUCH that it gave me an idea to write one of my horse's journal. I SHAMELESSLY copied Golden Horse's style. I love it! Mine is not as good, but this is a tribute to Golden Horse--hey GH, if you ever need a job, think about being A WRITER!!!!

Hi, my real name is Isabel Memorable Paradise, but my family calls me Isabeau. There’s a story behind that barn name, but I’ll tell that later.

I was born in a fancy schmanzy Paso Fino horse breeding farm. In fact, my pedigree goes back more than six generations, or so my human mom says. She brags that if you google (whatever that is!) my sires back six generations; you will find videos of them winning grand championships, and world championships. That makes me very special . . . and I KNOW it! My human mom calls me a diva. I don’t know what a diva is, but I think it has something to do with diving down under the water, which doesn’t make any sense. Humans are SO WEIRD.

This is MarCopasos, my mom (Fabula)’s dad. He is currently Number 7 sire in the whole country. Some daddy, huh?!

Rescate de Ocho, MarCopaso’s dad

Rescate de Ocho

Memorable de la Luisa, my dad. He won reserve champion stallion in National competition with 102 show points. Some daddy, huh?

This is Memorable winning another championship—MY DAD!

This is Tataro del Encuentro, Memorable’s dad and my granddad
My mom has more pictures of my ancestors, but I told her, THAT’S ENOUGH OF THAT
The people at the Paso Fino farm bought my mom, La Fabula del Conde, to make babies, but she was still a baby herself. They were waiting for her to grow up and then she could marry the fancy stallion on their farm. But when my mom was still a baby herself, she had me!

I’m not SURE this is me, but we think it is. Nobody much remembers—it WAS 9 years ago.

Mom is smelling me, so maybe she didn’t always hate me, or maybe she got scared of me when I got up . . . or maybe it isn’t even me. But that’s the mark on my forehead so it probably is me.

Here is my bee-u-ti-fulllll birth mother. Hey, why didn’t I turn out like her! That’s not fair!

The people didn’t know that my mom was pregnant to Memorable de la Luisa. Apparently the people who owned Memorable didn’t know it either. But . . . there I was! I was their first baby and they were very proud of me. BUT . . . my mom was NOT proud of me. In fact, she didn’t like me, and she was scared of me. She kicked me every chance she got. She didn’t lick me or nuzzle me or take care of me. The humans on that farm (I don’t remember their names) tied up her hind leg and held her while I nursed. It was sad and no fun. The humans were busy and tired and sometimes didn’t go out to tie up Fable, which is what they called her. I got SO hungry. And Fable was so mean to me. I was so lonely and sad. I had an unhappy childhood. My human mom thinks that is why I am so small and do not look anything like Fable or Memorable . . . or any of my illustrious (how do you like THAT word!) ancestors. I wonder if my growing up sad and lonely is why my human mom calls me a diva, because it did feel like diving under water in those days.

I’m pretty sure this is me and my mom, though she looks kind of contented with me there, so maybe not. The mark on my forehead isn’t quite that big. But it does look a lot like me. Nobody remembers from back then.

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Thanks for sharing your story Isabeau, you sure have some illustrious looking relatives.
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Welcome Isabeau (and mom). I think this make the third Isabel that has a Forum journal (others are my Isabel and then gorgeous Izzie).
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HI Isabeau! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your story. Sounds like you had a rough start :(
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But it wasnít long before I could eat on my own. There was nothing to taking me away from my momóshe didnít want me anyway. She didnít cry for me and I didnít cry for her. But my humans on the farm were very thrilled with me. My father was much fancier than their stallion, and they didnít have to pay for me!
Since I was small, the people on the Paso Fino farm had human fillies train me. I pretty much did whatever I wanted. The human fillies rode me in an enclosed circle and only for about 15 minutes. It was fun taking the fillies around the little circle, so I never gave them any trouble.

I know for a fact that this is me and one of the human fillies who trained me. Not bad for a young rider, is she? She was nice to me.

Then they put me in a box with wheels on it and fed me. That was nice. I liked going in there. But one day, after I went into the box to eat, it started moving! I was terrified and kicked up a storm. So they stopped the box and took me out. Ah! Now I knew how to get what I wanted! I could kick like crazy and I wouldnít have to do things I didnít want to do.
When I turned 3, one of the human fillies rode me out of the little circle and into the woods! Yikes! I had never been into those scary woods before. So I wouldnít go! No siree!!!! I backed up and kicked out and spun in a circle. I spun so hard, I fell down. I didnít get hurt at all. In fact, it was pretty fun. And the best part was that NO ONE EVER TOOK ME INTO THE WOODS AGAIN!!!! EVER!!!!
In fact, no one rode me after that. Sometimes the man from the farm jumped on me in the field with no saddle or bridle. Everyone bragged that my gait was as smooth as glass. He squeezed my sides with his heels and I would show him what a Paso Fino can do! But he was heavy and after a while, I didnít want to corto for him anymore. After all, I am quite small, even for a Paso. So when Iíd had enough, I would stop and back up and kick out. Then he would get off. The lady on the farm saw what he was doing one day and was furious with him for doing it. They had a fuss about it when he said he wasnít doing any harm. We both liked it. She didnít like it at all.
Nobody wanted to buy me because I was too small, and didnít look like my beautiful mother or famous father. I was 5 years old when the people at the farm decided they had plenty of babies now and needed to sell some. My mother Fable, had a beautiful palomino foal at her side that she look wonderful care of. I was SO jealous! I hated my sister. Why did my mom love her and not me!

This is my stupid sister. Why couldnít I look like her???? No wonder my mother loved her and not me.

Here is my next stupid sibling. I hate it too. Look how my mother loved it! I donít even know if it was a boy or a girl. She loved all my brothers and sisters . . . except me. I hate my mom.

Here is my lovely mom with her dopey husbandówho was supposed to be my dad. Heís dumb anyway. Who would want him? I LOVE my real dad! Go back and look at my gorgeous real dad! Anyone would be proud to call him dad. Heís much better than that olí black nothing.
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My farm people put human fillies on me and took pictures of the fillies riding me in the little circle. Anyone could see that I was gentle and easy to ride. So a lady came to look at me to see if she wanted to buy me. She rode me in the little circle. I gave her my best Paso Fino corto. She grinned from ear to ear. She loved me!
She didnít love me so much when she put me in the box on wheels to go to her house! I threw such a temper tantrum that I cut my legs and face up badly. I made mess of her box on wheels too. I thought THAT would teach her not to put me in one of those things.
But it didnít. The new ladyóIíll call her The Skeptical One, thought that if she took me some places, I would discover that it wasnít so bad, going in the box. I realized that I would have to teach her a thing or two. First of all, she had to learn that I didnít like that box. Oh, it was fine as long as it didnít move. Boxes are not supposed to move. Stalls donít move. Why should boxes? Every time she took me in the box, I let her know that it wasnít going to happen. Iím the queen around here, and what I say goes. When she tried to ride me in the woods, I did my allotted fifteen minutes, then I was done. Sheíd better learn that. I made sure she did. I thought it was fun to hurl myself to the ground. I always picked a nice soft sandy spot to fall. The Skeptical One wasnít happy about it. She wasnít learning anything I was trying to teach her. Instead, she told me I was going back to the Paso Fino farm. She said she had something called a guarantee, and I was done.
Actually that sounded pretty good. I liked the Paso Fino farm. All I did there was eat grass with the other young horses. I had trained everybody there that I was to get just what I wanted, and not do a thing more.
Not very much time passed when The Skeptcal One slammed out of her house, very angry, and shoved me back into the box on wheels. I heard her muttering furiously about people ďnot keeping their wordĒ and she wasnít going to keep this gd horse one more minute. I wonder what a gd horse is. I donít think itís Ďgood horse.í Iíll bet you know, donít you?
I let her know loud and clear that I didnít want to be in a moving box. I cut my face and legs up plenty, but I didnít care. I was too mad to care. And I was really mad when I discovered she hadnít taken me back to my home farm, but to a mean old Curmudgeon.
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I'm loving the story, Isabel! Thanks for sharing it with us. You sound to have been quite a handful as a youngster. Very much the diva
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This is Knightrider, and I have to interrupt Isabeau's story because I think she has stretched the truth in a couple of places. Her story doesn't quite jibe with the story that her breeder told me. There is no proof that they ever neglected to tie up Fabula and let Isabeau nurse. I think she said that to make the story more dramatic. Isabeau's story is mostly true, but her breeder says the human fillies, er, I mean girls, did finally get Isabeau to ride in the woods some. And my e-mail from that Paso Fino farm does not say anything about her falling with the girls. I don't recall The Skeptical One saying she fell with her, though she might have. I also don't know how long the human fil--I mean girls --rode her. Isabeau doesn't know 15 minutes from 3 hours.

Once Isabeau meets The Curmudgeon, the story goes exactly as she told it. I guess she knew I'd catch her up in any exaggerations. I think Isabeau wants you to think that the people on the Paso Fino farm caused her to do the things she did. I don't know--maybe, maybe not. I think she was born a diva with the potential to have a screw loose. But I have to say, she is probably the most fun horse I have ever ridden, and I have ridden quite a lot of horses and had some great ones over the years. I've had better horses, maybe, but none more fun.
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The Curmudgeon put me in a nice pasture with lovely lush grass, so that wasnít so bad. But the next morning, the Curmudgeon slapped a heavy western saddle on me and GOT ON!! He said he was going to straighten me out! Oh no. Oh no no no. My job is to straighten humans out. But I could tell he meant business, so I cortoed my smoothest, and got that Paso grin out of him. He liked me! He didnít ride me very long, and that was OK. He was pretty heavy, but I decided Iíd educate him another day. He petted me and fed me, so I knew heíd figure out soon enough that I was some special mare, and heíd better treat me right!
The next day he took me for another short ride, and rather than push him, I decided to make him like me. And he did. I could tell he was really happy with me. But he didnít understand that I am Queen Bee, so I knew I had to straighten HIM out fairly soon.
A few days later, I did. We came to a log to walk over. It wasnít much of a log, but I knew it was LESSON TIME for olí Curmudgeon. No matter what he did, I wouldnít step over that log. He slapped and kicked, but I just backed up. More slapping and kicking, and I started rearing. That usually gets them . . . and it did. He took me another way, and I figured I had made my pointóthat I am the boss.
The next day, a new person rode me. Uh oh, was I going to go to a new place AGAIN? I figured Iíd better behave, at least for a little while, until I could train the new person. She didnít weigh very much, even though she was tall. I gave her a great ride and I got that Paso grin from her too. New Person came and rode me every couple of days. I could tell she really liked me. I kind of liked her too. But she hadnít learned yet about the Queen Bee business, and that was an important lesson.
Then the Curmudgeon started riding me again. He was heavy, and his saddle was heavy. No no. I donít do heavy on long rides. I thought he had learned that. Did he need another Queen Bee session? He did. So I backed up and reared a lot, and spun, and slammed him into trees. My lesson was pretty effective, I thought.
The next day, he put a bridle on me with really long reins. He slapped me with the reins every few steps. He kicked me too, really often. He was very firm. Queen Bees donít do heavy saddles, slaps, and kicks. I only rode about 200 yards before I decided to start my Queen Bee session. I spun, backed up, and reared, but I didnít fall over. I hoped he would get the message without having to fall over since The Skeptical One got so upset about it.
Instead, New Person got off her horse and led me. Well, leading is OK. The Paso Fino farm people had been leading me since I was a baby. I liked them leading me and paying attention to me. So I let her lead me. After a while she turned me loose. I tried to give Curmudgeon a good ride, but he kept slapping me with those reins. I got really really mad. He says I lost my mind. I just flipped out. New Person led me again for a while. I was really mad. I donít even remember what happened after that. I guess I did lose my mind. I hated Curmudgeon and I didnít want to be his horse.
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Looking forward to the rest of the story~
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