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Day 5 continued

We took some steps back today. Well I won't even say back more sideways I guess. I am fine and so is he. That's the important thing. Tobie Breakfast was the best yet. I reached for the pan and he backed up. Awesome sauce!! one tiny attempt to shoulder in and it was over.
I had coffee, 2 cups as I mentioned earlier. Woot woot caffeine how I love you. I did some house work, the forgotten laundry LMAO. House is semi caught up and Tobie needs groomed. Easy decision.
Out I go to groom Tobie. YAY everything is in the bucket. He is attentive and mostly calm. Time to groom. Well in my infinite wisdom (righttttt) I decide to do it backwards. I need him to trust me when the routine isn't routine. He still has tea booty.
I grab the rubber curry to work some dirt out of the tea and relax him before we attempt the hose. Curry curry curry, nothing. Not a twitch. I am right behind him. Touching. (My old teacher taught me to get as close as I can to a kicker. Less force makes a much better chance of minimal injury if you get kicked.) I turn sideways and reach down for the brush. He kicked He kicked hard enough that his hock swept my legs and I went over backwards head first. Scared the **** out of me....and him.
He freaked. I am yelling from the ground and ****ed off. I want him away ASAP. He is hopping up and down. Like literally doing this stiff legged bunny hop 2 feet from me. I grab the lunge whip and come up swinging. He poops. He farts. And he is like shot out of a rocket. We made progress! He moved without hesitation and very quickly.
He stops 30 ft out and wheels around looking at me like I have 3 heads with biggo teeth in each. Just like that it is over. He huffs and exhales for what seems like 5 minutes. You can see the tension starting to drain from him. YES! So much YES! I immediately lower the whip and relax. He is asking to come back. I turned and walked away. He followed. Slowly and from a respectful distance. His head was finally lower than his withers. I thought I broke him for a minute.
And the light bulb goes off. The more stressed he becomes, the more unsure, the closer he gets. It isn't just pushy bratty stuff. He is seeking comfort. Security. Not only does he NOT have a sense of boundary, he is a biggo clucking CHICKEN HORSE! He was raised by a human and he wants humanish security.
I knew he was unsure, that was a given. I had no clue just how scared he still was until this happened. He broke an instant fear reeking sweat. Every line of his body said "Hold me. Help me. I don't know what to do!!" And then he kinda handed it all to me to sort out. He barely touched me with his head, not the mouthy lippy muzzle. But his head. Lower than my chest. No pushing or shoving. No twitchy watchfulness. Just a completely harmonious moment.
I bawled like a baby. Don't judge me. It was a heart wrenching thing to see. I cried as we practiced whoa. We worked on backing up without actual contact. Give and reward, pressure and release. I cleaned the feet like nothing happened. I never expected him to kick, and he didn't. I tapped and wiggled each hoof. I stretched each leg. I even stretched the back ones.
We took a break on the best note yet. Totally relaxed. He snores btw. He was deep enough asleep he never heard me get the chair and sit down. Just to be close when he woke up. He slept hard for like 30 minutes. He slowly walked to the chair, touched my arm and let me scratch his head. Then he walked off. He was thirsty.
I went to check on Mom and the Ancient One wanted to come out. She rarely is interested in anything other than going to pee. But she went to the gate and wanted in the pasture. Odd. She and Rascal had an uneasy truce. They left each other alone by mutual consent.
Gidgette wants to sniff things out, from a distance. She actually used to be the nosiest pooch I have ever come across. Gotta smell the world. And she processes every situation with her nose first. If she smells a person and moves away or drops those ears, I am immediately looking for what she doesn't trust about them. She has never proven wrong either.
Even though she is now the Ancient One on the hill, she is still protective. That has always been her role since I found out I am going deaf. During the 2 weeks after the 3rd opinion of eventual total hearing loss, she never left my side while I worked through the issues. She became my ears when I had my hearing aides out. She hasn't spent another night outside since then. She is always with me when I am home. Seldom will she want to take a nap in the sunshine on pretty, not too hot days. And she is always close to one of the gates, guarding.
Now she wants to sniff Tobie. From a distance. I am ok with that. I am confident I can scoop her up before he could harm her, not that I think he would. I won't take chances with her. At the first sign of trouble we are out of there. She sits down beside me while Tobie does a half circle and looks. He is curious. Still respecting the space, but wanting to know WTH is that? Gidgette is processing. He comes in with that nose on the ground, ears alert but not crazy. She is fine with the sniff from the side, but not the butt sniff. She moves, he moves. She goes to the other side. He backs off and goes behind me to sniff her again. She is all stiff and bad ***. Not aggressive, but watchful.
Then he touches her. OMG she growls and shows all 4 of her teeth. He has no clue what to make of her. So, Tobie being Tobie, he has to try that again. Not a good idea. She growls ferociously. I decide it is time to go back inside the yard. As I am reaching down for her, He decides to touch her again! Gently even. Soft butterfly horse kiss on her back.
Anyone remember that cartoon with the little critter chomping up Forhorn Leghorns leg? A little whirl wind of a chomping beasty. Gidgette does a **** good imitation of that critter. If she had teeth he would have been in trouble. She has never bitten like that before. I taught her that contact sitting meant NO BITING, PERIOD end of story.
I blame old age and doggie dementia. She forgot. Tobie now thinks she is the evil gremlin. He won't come within 15 feet of her. I know it is sad, but I am thrilled with this. If she wandered in and got hurt I couldn't handle that. Or if she got him hurt. It's best that in her way, she showed him who is boss and to avoid her like the proverbial plague. I have never been thankful that her teeth fell out..... until today.
I'd tear someone else a new one for letting a dog and horse get into this situation. I would.
And I wouldn't be polite either. I know my girl and thought there we no surprises left in her. Another case of animals humbling the ever haughty human. We never know what we think we know, until we find out how much we just don't know.
Now, I am off to bake some crow pie. After all, when you have to eat crow it goes down better as a pretty pastry. *Sigh* These critters are gonna give me a heart attack one day
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I miss you Rascal. Every day, all day.
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Day 5 Photo

Breakfast time! He looks so cute nom nom nom!

I miss you Rascal. Every day, all day.

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Grrrr why won't my picture post?

Tobie at breakfast...take 3
Attached Images
File Type: jpg 1101160849.jpg (167.6 KB, 2 views)

I miss you Rascal. Every day, all day.
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Tobie is so cute! So clean too.
Bet he loved his breakfast!

Ride more, worry less.
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Originally Posted by PoptartShop View Post
Tobie is so cute! So clean too.
Bet he loved his breakfast!
HA HA HA He is actually still sticky. But he did get some more brushing. The wind yesterday was a bit cool for a rinse off but he is getting a bath after lunch today. He rolled in poo right after his good brushing yesterday. The stinker loves being dirty LOL.

And to everyone else who has complimented this handsome fella. Thank you very much :) I wish I could take the credit, but alas he was a gift to me. I didn't breed for him. I will pass along the praise to his previous Mom though!
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I miss you Rascal. Every day, all day.
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Animals can really surprise you sometimes can't they. :)

He really is a gorgeous boy though, regardless if you bred for him or just got him. I enjoy complements on my boy, even though he isn't really mine! :)
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Don't judge someone's horse or skill because they don't compete or work with a trainer.

Sometimes they're the most in tune with each other.
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Day 6 Friday November, 2016

Tobie Breakfast was decent today. He was calmish. A little dancy but staying back a few feet. I think he was super hungry. I am gonna have to discuss him bolting his food so fast. I worry that he might actually inhale it, he eats so fast.
His Other Mom is coming today. I am glad. I hope he shows off the progress we have made the past few days. I know it doesn't seem like much, but he isn't almost running me down in the pasture or walking all up on me. For him those are HUGE improvements.
She is bringing us hay!! I was looking for some nice hay and commented on hers the day we picked him up. I asked for her suppliers number. We got busy, it went so FAST, and I forgot to get it. Well, when I mentioned it, on the phone with her a bit on Wednesday, she said she would bring the number Friday. She called early and asked me to make room for some hay. YEAH BABY! She tap danced around on price, but I had some cash and figured I could write her a check if need be. But hey, she was delivering and I was super happy.
I've been out several times this week inspecting some of the local stuff I found. YUCK YUCK YUCK. 1 totally molded and stinky batch...Umm no thanks! Then some that smelled great but just looked weird. Almost bleached. I pulled a fat handful out of the center.... Foxtail. NOT! I checked 2 other places and one had briars and just junk weeds.No way and they wanted 150$ for a small round bale. Nope, next! Checked out some from last year. It just didn't smell fresh. Pass. And on Thursday a friend checked out some for me. She needed chicken and goat hay. She wouldn't even get it to bed down the animals. Dang! It was looking like a 75 mile drive for even some decent, not top grade, hay. Other Mom came through for us!
I had things to finish up from our clearing of part of the pasture, so I worked on that for a while. Other Mom arrived and came on out to the pasture. Tobie was on the other side of the house so he didn't see her right off. She called and he came running. BUT he stopped and WALKED, yes you got it, he WALKED up to her. Not on her, over her, or through her, UP TO HER! Slowly and pretty dang calmly I was so proud! She commented on this first thing. I explained some of what we were working on. She got it and was good with it. Yes!
He is a bottle baby to his core. I am ok with that for the most part. OM is a smaller lady. I don't think she is 5' tall and might weigh out at 125 soaking wet. Well, he has a way of wrapping his head and neck around her and pulling her right up into his chest. Awww cute! He hugs her! Awww at the widdel baby and Mommy...right?
Heck No!! The set of his neck, the leg trying to wrap around her, the pinning of her against him, and what he is sporting underneath are screaming to me he is claiming his mare! I almost fell over. (He is gelded! But a family member had used him to breed her mare, once, 2 weeks before OM had him gelded. So he knows the mechanics for sure. GRRRRRR He spent all his life with 3 mares and heat cycles. Not to mention his OM, daughters, and granddaughters. )
And then the nibbling starts. He had been doing so well about not biting. Then the head tossing and knocking start. And the pawing. UGHHHH NO! SERIOUSLY!!!
I wanted to have a conniption fit right there. No correction, no asking for space, no discipline. So, I did it. I sent him away and watched his temper tantrum unfold from a safe distance. I did not want her to get hurt. With his behavior it could have went south in a heart beat.
I love this Lady. Not only because of the gifting of Tobie, but she is genuinely a wonderful person. I don't want her hurt, nor do I want to hurt her feelings. I have to do what is best for both of them. And allowing him to behave like this is NOT it. If he were a stud and acted like this I would come unglued. The potential for disaster, well it isn't even potential, more like inevitable.... I can't even. Hell maybe I am seeing things. But it was so blatant. I don't think I am over reacting to the signs and signals he was giving off.
How the hell do you explain to someone who is 15 years your senior, with children, has had horses for years, and raised him when his horse Mom had to be put down. How do you tell her she is being claimed and he is flirting/dominating her? Parts of him are obviously excited. First she'd look at me like I had 3 heads, all full of teeth. Then I think she'd find it amusing. But would she take it seriously? IDK. This is a problem I have never had to deal with.
I explained that I sent him away for being too rough and pushy...which wasn't a lie. I made him stay away until he calmed down and "things" returned to normal. (*Insert very bad word here* ) I did in my head a couple dozen times.)
We walked around the pasture and he followed like a pup. If he got the least bit rough or pushy I sent him away. I don't even want to think about this right now.
Anyways, he had a good visit with OM when he was using his brain. She didn't let me pay her for the hay.
I am headed for my bed. I'll add the rest tomorrow when my head is on straight. *sigh*

I miss you Rascal. Every day, all day.
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Day 7 & 8 November 5 & 6, 2016

Dear Horse Forum,
Tobie here. That crazy stalker chick gave me 2 days off. Righttttttt. She was lazy and I got no exercise. All I could do ALL DAY was run around in the pasture! Those dang chickens got LOTS of love though! She stripped both those coops and even took out some dirt! That bucket of dirt smells like sh....umm poop.The chickens think she is whacked, too! It's not just me. I am telling you someone should rescue us all.....
OMG she has a chicken torture device! She used it on them poor chickens, I heard them screaming. She called it a rake, but I know she was killing them with it. She wore this thing on her face that freaked us all out. Hello! How do you breathe if you cover the blow holes? Crazy human why wny why are you sweeping the walls? She calls it winterizing the coops......
I am out of there. I ran like the wind. OMG what is she doing?? I must save the chickens! Look HAY! EWWWWW why does that taste so bad? Fine, fine, FINE! I am leaving it alone.
Can you believe she talks to me like a dog?? She says "Leave it!" and just expects me to drop what I am doing and walk away. Fat chance of that happening.
Oh she brings my favorite girl here! I love Kendall! She sneaks me a cookie, but don't tell the stalker chick. Kendall come here. Kendall walk with me. Kendall is mine! I am keeping Kendall. No, Crazy Stalker she is mine grrrrrrrrrrr. WTH? What do you mean get off her. I am umm hugging her. No! I will not leave her alone, she is MINE!
Fine fine FINE! I will take Kendall back later. This crazy woman claims everything! My food, my pasture, my people, my chickens, even my dogs! WTH?
Food and sleep time again. This us good. I know she is adding poison to my food, She calls it pro bios, but I know she is killing me slowly. Better to die of poison that starvation I guess. Nom nom nom. Later people. Nom nom nom

Ohhh stretching is good Fooooooodd Yay! Good lord, she is making me waittt againnn. Fine fine FINE! Can I have it now? Finally my beloved food! HOLY Sh..... ummm poop!! A cookie! In my food! For me? Look another one! Yes, cookiesssss, my precious cookiessss. Turn your back, this could get a little freaky... As the stalker chick says, don't judge me. I haven' had cookies in forever.... Ok, so Friday seems like forever. Don't judge me.
Whoa. she is leaving. She is in the truck.... WTH she is leaving me to starve. Must run after her! Ugh fence fence fence. I am the wind and the fence is in my way. Stupid fence. Stupid human can stay gone for all I care.
35435465465464 years later.... Is that a truck I hear? YES! The stalker chick had returned and will feed me! Hey. Hey. HEY. HELLOOOO!!!! Do not ignore me puny woman! I am starving to death! I know you have food in there! I know that bag! NOGahhhhhh!! Don't dump it in the trash can! I can't get to it there! Dogs food? HA! Theirs is in the trash too! Chicken food? Yep in the trash too! OMG Cat food? NAsty. It does belong in the trash! WTH she gave that cat a handful of food and it is NOT feeding time!
The humans all ignore me today. Yes, no work for me! La la la la run run run la la la chase cat, chase neighbor dog. Run fat dog run!!!! HA HA HA I am the wind! The humans are eating something called brunch, for real? Where is mine? Now I must look for trouble......
Paw the fence is a fun game until your foot gets stuck! AND the crazy stalker has a younger male version of herself she calls Son. He is here. In a car! And he is yelling for his Mommy to come. "MOM Tobie has his foot stuck in the fence!!" Crazy Kid didn't even explore the house, he just opens the door and screams. WHOA Son brings Kendall? Who knew? Must get this foot free and see Kendall! Kendall is trying to make me be still! WTH Kendall? I am the wind....with my foot in a fence! Alex, the son, snatches Kendall and various other humans out of my pasture and leaves me alone... for forever. Kendall is telling me to stay calm and comes back in. Must remain calm for Kendall. I like her.
HOLY SH**!! Crazy Stalker can RUN! I wonder if she knows her butt was showing while she was pulling them pants up? Why do I smell soap? And just like that Crazy stalker is calm, but barking orders to Kendall and Alex like a drill sergeant! Get the cutters out of the red tool box, top shelf right side. Back up Kendall and let me see. Move Girl! You two get the f*** out of here. He doesn't know you and you're spooking him. Everyone shut up and MOVE NOW! Alex where are the cutters? I don't see blood so quit freaking out NOW!
MAN she is calm. Maybe there is no reason to freak out.... Yes, rub my nose and cuddle me. Ok, you can look. I think I cut my foot almost off. Must pull it out NOW! What do you mean be still?? The fence is going to eat me. Help me!! Pull pull PULL the foot out. Do not tell me to be still in that voice! Stand? You want me to stand still, NOW? Fine fine FINE! I am standing, and sweating and trembling. I am gonna blow. No? Ok, calm.
Wait, my foot is free? YES! Hold me. Must dance the dance of my people! What you mean let you see it? it's mine, no can do! What!?! How did you get my foot? Must have it back NOW. No? Fine then. Ohh Kendall might taste good. WHOA Alex... I wanted Kendall. Crazy Stalker Chick says I am fine. A scratch. No no NO! Alex and Kendall want to call the vet. On a Sunday... sounds expensive. Yes, call the vet! No? But why? No, I am not bleeding. No I am not limping. No, I couldn't have been tangled but a minute.... Vet needs to come cause Kendall said so. UGH she ain't calling no vet. Back off Alex, Kendall is mine mine MINE! OMG. He is almost like his mother!! Younger and stronger, but he knows. He just knows I want sympathy from Kendall.
No, I am hurt people, don't go!! New people make me nervous and need to back off NOW! What, wait. Holy Sh.... She is gonna make me stand while they LOOK at me. Doesn't she know I am traumatized. She is acting like nothing happened. Fine. I am going to find some of that green grass. Go away. I don't care. Run run run...Grass, how I love you.
LMAO HA HA HA the humans are in trouble! She just read them the riot act about being calm and helping me be calm. It's true though. I freaked out a little because they freaked out. Man she makes everyone tour the tool building. Says we must all know where the first aid kit, cutters, knives and sedation are. HA HA HA! Suck that up Son! You take my Kendall and your MOM , who still has soap on her, yells at you! Oh it is the other guy she is yelling at, not Son... Poor guy, I feel your pain Dude. For realz. Hmmm I think I like that little new girl too. Kendall and Linda, yes I could do with a pair of willing slaves. Umm I mean, yep Stalker Chick could use a little help on occasion. Yeah that's it. HA HA HA she made them ALL look in the door at phone numbers, feeding instructions, 56654546622676698 things before she lets them leave the tool building and my barn.
She tells Kendall that my training starts tomorrow. I hope tomorrow is a long way away. I don't like the sound of training. Ut oh, did I see a bridle? Is that a saddle under there? Training what? NO Kendall! Don't help her make a plan!! NO Kendall, stop taking notes on her phone!! Kendall come here now! I am calling you....WTH Kendall? You're gonna learn some too? Stalker Chick says I am old enough to learn some respect. I should have been taught a long time ago?? Really? Just who does she think she is anyways?? I ain't learning nothing...N O T H I N G I tell ya. I'll show her about respect. Bow down to me, for I am Tobie! I am the wind and wild and free!
Pssssttt what is ground work and why will she build a thing Kendall calls a round pen? HA HA HA to confine me? To train me? Umm hellooo silly people I know how to eat grass and make poop. It's all I need to know.
Didn't I tell you she is a weird one? She is whacked. But I think I like her a little bit. She grooms me every day, gives me good food, keeps everything clean, and says she loves me. Maybe I don't need rescued just yet. We shall see. Don't judge me people. It's a pretty goof life for a horse.
Run run run and be happy. I am.

I miss you Rascal. Every day, all day.
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Keep it coming Tobie! I think I could rescue you, if you behave for me. I have a round pen also!
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Human point of view for Day 8

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Can someone please make time stand still. I got way to much to do this weekend.
New central heat unit going into the attic and all new duct work. Alex is late, but bringing help to pick up new to me fridge. It's a year old, been in a vacation home and it's free! DH works way to hard and does a **** good job. I love it when home owners want to give him a little extra reward :)
Yes, be happy Dear.... I now go to hand DH the itemized list, he asked for it, for new fencing, round pen, and barn upgrades. Andddd he laughs and says "Happy Birthday!" and points at Tobie. Says "Merry Christmas" and points at the heating unit. "Happy New Year" and reminds me of the remodeling we are doing and Moms apartment which is almost complete. Points out remodeled chicken coop and the need to redo the back portion.
Shi.... err sugar. Yeah I know Hun. It's only money and we have blown through a LOT in the past few months. Yes Dear, I know the vet fund is still low.... No Dear, I gave up the idea of new boots and a new saddle. Yes Dear, I put all of the jewelry show money into the vet fund.
Yes Dear I know I need to make Christmas stock and have to order silver. No Dear, no trivial expenses until after the first of the year. Wait, no new torch?? But I need it... Yes, my old one still works great. But, the new one would give me a better flame and cut down on production time. *sigh* Yes Dear. No Dear. Fine fine FINE! No new torch til after the first of the year. Website designer...scratched. Must call niece and find time for the do it yourself templates. We can make it look amazing, it'll just take time. Yes Dear. I know Dear. I CAN do this, and thanks for the confidence in me. I think DH has me figured out. No upgrades til spring. Must make do, improve what I can with what I have.
Insert LOADS of hard work, dust, sawdust, shavings, chicken poop, cooking cleaning, laundry. Who the hell messes up all these clothes? Are there gremlins wearing clothes and changing every hour? Those gremlins sure can dirty a LOT of dishes. Not telling DH I have reconsidered that dish washer he offered to put in.... not yet anyway. I love my Son and he wasn't raised to be late dang it. Insert lots of hard work. This crap is heavy! I got it. I got it! Insert pizza for dinner cause I was busy and nasty. Don't judge me people.
Whoa sleep, beautiful sleep, how I need you. Insert muscle rub and ibuprofen and a LONG hot shower. Not enough sleep. Must make do with what i have. Must wash the Mom tomorrow. And the Ancient one. And the horse. And the clothes... must wash everything... *insert short snore period*

Day 8
Breakfast for one and all. Humans fed, animals fed, bird feeders filled, did I eat? **** time for restocking all the food. I purposely let everything get low so I can wash and sanitize all the metal trash cans I use to store animals feed. Now to restock. Run run run gotta get back. Must finish coops today and sanitize all the dishes and bowls and buckets and scoops and and and.....
And a crotch full of hot assed coffee! I think my lady bits are done for! Really? Seriously?? Can you not see this HUGE green truck? Why you gonna pull out in front of me?? I can't stop like a car can you MORON! FFS that is hot and sticky. Did I blister? Do I have burn cream? Hope so, to much to do to go back now.
*Note to self: sweat pants, coffee between legs, and driving is NOT NOT NOT a good idea, like EVER!* Glad no one was riding with me. Swear word were rolling, the one finger salute was given, and swear words rolled some more. Did I mention I am having a swear word problem lately?
Food in cans, check. Cans secured, check. Empty feed bags and string secured, check. Mom and Dh fed early lunch, check. Shower time and checking out the damage, ch.........
" MOM TOBUE HAS HIS FOOT CAUGHT IN THE FENCE! MOM!!!!!" I hear you Alex! Keep him calm, be right there! Ugh soap and sticky pants ! Hop hop Hop crash! Open the door ding bat. No, Mom he is fine. Don't get excited. Just hurrying so I can keep him calm and get him unstuck. No Mom. It really is ok. He'll be fine. Honest....( I am going to hell for telling my Mom a lie. Lord please let him be ok. Seriously. PLEASE let him be ok. I can't handle losing another horse God. I really just can't!!) Pull pants up dummy. You can't run with them in one hand! HURRY! BE CALM! HURRY RUN! BREathe in breathe out. Stop! Be calm. Asses damage and then worry! Move children let me see. Calm down Tobie. It's ok. No blood!! YES! Calm down Tobie, you're ok. Stand still. STAND! Stop this mess. You two need to move NOW! Get out of the pasture. "Alex get the cutters...blur blur blur. He is fine and munching grass.
I think I have fleas, scratch scratch..... can this day get any better? Tobie is fine, kids are fine, Mom is fine. Ok why am I itching so bad?? My pants are stiff...oh yeah, must finish shower and change clothes.
DH is gonna feel it when I throw this hammer at him for laughing. Kendall and Alex better be discussing those **** training notes and not the camera on that phone. Well hello new Children. No, he is fine. No vet needed.... this time. *Can I sell them into servitude cause we gotta have new fence ASAP* "No, it ... is not always... like this new Children. Nice to meet you, too. Tea and cokes in the fridge if you are thirsty. Bread on the counter if you're hungry. Dinner when I get time or we're done."
Why do I have wet hair in a semi ponytail? I like making a fashion statement. Harried Horse Mom Couture. No? Coming to a tack shop near you! Not really, but I need new fence. Where are my shoes?
Time to get back to work... must rinse off and change clothes now. I can doctor the lady bits later.... What a day! It's only 1:13? really? Must hurry, it is after 1 and I am behind. Love you Tobie. Tomorrow we start training! So excited!

I miss you Rascal. Every day, all day.
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