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Originally Posted by knightrider View Post
I wish that I could talk to people like you just did about politics, with them explaining why they like and dislike someone or something and then listening to my point of view. Instead it is, "If you don't agree with me, there is something wrong with you. Anyone can see that ______ is wonderful . . . or lying . . . or great . . .or wrong."
I agree, I think we need to have reasons, and even if I disagree with you, if you have reasoned through why you have a point of view, to me that is legitimate. It does not seem like sound reasoning to believe something because other people in your group do, or because "anyone can see..."

I've always found it interesting that many people seem to have "rules" for themselves about what music they will like or listen to. "Oh I don't like...(genre)." Especially I've noticed this in people who use reasoning like what @knightrider mentioned above, in regards to politics and such. They often have narrow rules for what type of music fits in with their belief system. I'm not talking about something with vulgar lyrics you don't appreciate, but rather about the sound and rhythm of the music.

I personally don't have any rules for music, I listen to songs from any genre and see if they appeal to me. But what appeals might be different in each song - something might be funny, or the tones are beautiful, or the beat is catching. Sometimes songs that have "iffy" lyrics have a great rhythm and are very catching, so then you just have to make up your own words or meaning for the words. Sure, you don't necessarily want to support someone who is spreading a bad message, but if you're listening to a free song, it's OK in my book.

It seems that music is like the weather or moods. It can affect us, sure, but you can also end up with an unsatisfying mood or some bad weather and have it be harmless. Listening to it doesn't have to mean we've embraced an entire culture or belief system. Maybe I like the sound of a rap, country, big band, jazz, folk or heavy metal song. It doesn't really have to say anything about me...anymore than liking spaghetti or an odd flavor of ice cream. I think the Meghan Trainor song "All about the Bass" is kind of funny, and my DH would think it was too stupid for words. But hey, I'm a low tenor. Plus he likes WAY more Grimes songs than I do.

Anyway, THIS is a good song for all of us, I think (if you haven't seen it).

@SueC, I'm glad it's not offensive that we think of the Icehouse song "Great Southern Land" as an anthem - that and "Waltzing Matilda" were what I was singing in the car as we drove around WA.
I thought it was funny when we went to Japan and they played the "theme song" of the famous and huge electronics store called Yodobashi in the Akihabara district. The tune they sang to was the U.S. "Battle Hymn of the Republic." So I was looking at all the electronics and singing "Glory, glory, hallelujah," and you know what? It was a bit glorious.
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Thank you, @Knave and @gottatrot , for your thoughts! I will get back to them shortly. Today, we had a bit of a milestone to celebrate, and I've brought some of the beautiful scenery back with me to share - well, digital representations of that scenery...


This was the walk we were aiming at when I was rehabilitating my foot fractures that happened three and a half months ago - the one that let me know I could do absolutely anything again, including mountains. Because we got so busy catching up on garden and farm work once I was cleared to start walking again two months ago, it's taken a while to actually get around to it! We have recently done things like Mt Melville and Peak Head, which were quite substantial walks:

(...and I thought I'd written up Peak Head, but that was the week we got that call about the donkeys, so I actually forgot to do it! Beautiful wildflower photos from there - so I will have to do that one retrospectively...)

The Kalgan River Walk is a lovely 14.5 km riverside trail with uphills, downhills, twists, turns and all sorts of different footings and obstacles to contend with - bridges, rocks, logs, tree roots, deep leaf litter, boardwalks, steps, firm tracks. The views are magnificent, the dog can take swimming breaks at any point along the track, we get a really got workout, and the trees and general flora in the valley are just amazing... there's pelicans, other water birds, Aboriginal fish traps made from rocks, lots of lizards and other reptiles, and the odd boat to meet.

The photos tell the tale:

1. As you come down the steps from the South Coast Highway end car park, this is the view of the Kalgan River through the trees.

2. The steps... (and there are lots of these through the whole trail)

3. Still descending...

4. This shows you just how massive an old Marri tree is (also known as Redgum).

5. Woodland trail on the stream bank - farmland to the left.

6. The dog is always popping up if we stop to take photographs, just to see if we need chivvying along...

7-10. Jess just loves swimming, especially if there is something to retrieve...
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11-13. More dog bathing...

14. The Kalgan Queen was doing a little tour. They had a very naughty advertising campaign in the early 2000s - showing their boat with famous people photoshopped into it - most notably the Queen, the Pope, and Osama bin Laden - with the heading, "Everyone's been on the Kalgan Queen!" Bin Laden got replaced when he shuffled off this mortal coil; this is their photoshop job now (very fuzzy...):

15. The shapes of the gnarly old trees never fail to amaze us.

We did the walk in 2 h 20 minutes (including two drink/snack breaks), at a cracking pace - I was really enjoying walking, and the testing terrain. Since recovering from a broken foot, I take even more delight in doing long-striding walking. Many people you see in the street walk flat-footed... but if you want to walk to cover ground and to have real exercise, you actually roll on your foot and then push off with your toes - this action effectively increases your stride length, as well as your speed. I was never particularly aware of that when walking, but fracturing those metatarsals really educated me about the process of walking...

It's just amazing how much pleasure there is in things like being able to walk, and walk fast and easily, in lovely scenery... enjoying the physical capabilities of the human body we just happen to have; and enjoying the rest of nature too.

I was really super pleased as well with our walk time, which was excellent going, faster than the last time we did it, more than five months ago - and also with the fact that everything worked so easily and I was burning along mile after mile... I didn't actually hit my aerobic limit until 2 hours 10 minutes into the walk - but ten minutes away from getting back to the car park, I suddenly hit that limit, and had to really push myself to continue at (almost) the same speed until we completed the walk.

That was great though, to have such a long time of easy fast walking - and you push through muscle burn and lack of coordination at the end, just to put the icing on your exercise outing. We are wanting to get back into regular serious walking like this, as well as cycling up hills etc - both of us could use more cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone - the fracture did throw a spanner in the works there, but the aerobic fitness was still up there, probably thanks to all the pushing I did with the pirate leg, and later on with the crutch-assisted, cross-country-skiing type walking I was doing for fitness...

Very very pleased to have recovered like this. We're aiming at the Porongurups next Thursday. That's Brett's day off work, and usually our complete day off together...since we do a lot of work on weekends...
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Congrats on the fantastic walk! I am green with envy, but so very glad that someone who has access to such wonderful vistas is taking full advantage! I share your views about sedentary lifestyles being the fast track to disease and early demise...

Wow, I'm floored you took the time to give me such a great sample of music to try! I am honoured but slightly embarrassed to admit that I live under a musical rock, of sorts. I'm not sure why, but I've always been resistant to listening to new things. I (was) always close minded about music and only wanted to listen to the albums I already loved. Its very rare for me to like a song right away...usually I have to hear something a few times. I have gotten better, but don't listen to music much anymore. It was always something I put on to go jogging or to the gym to. Hence all the music I preferred has a driving beat. I run better, and will actually recover from tiredness if a really peppy song comes on!

I watched all the videos!
The first one, never heard of them. The singer might have a good voice but its hidden by all the girls singing and the 'dance music'. Very 80's. the 80's had a lot of pop bands that were 'metal'...I wasn't into any of them except W.a.s.p. (I liked Lawless' voice) They all had the same costumes! It was so funny. Spandex and pointy stuff.
I was a Danzig fan. I hesitate to write this. I preface by saying I am NOT religious. I do NOT take lyrics seriously. I grew up on ShaNaNa, and loving songs where just the syllables that rhymed were sung and who cared if it was a word or not.
I loved Danzig from first listen. I had all his albums, went to every concert, waited for hours in freezing cold for his autograph, and have a Danzig tattoo. Loved his voice, loved jogging to his bluesy sound. Danzig introduced me to Type O, as they opened for him one concert. Years went by and when I got the internet (finally, I was a computer hating holdout) I found he wrote comics. I bought some off eBay since they are banned in Canada. One title was slightly disturbing, but good so I got others. *crash*
I was horrified. I don't think this guy is kidding anymore. He really is a whack job, and it has changed how I feel about listening...

The first Nick Cave one was creepy. His voice was good, and I love a capella stuff or minimal instrumental support. With my hearing, not sure what it was about, vid was creepy.
I really liked the second one!! Very nice song! Thanks!

The Prieboy one was okay. Nice voice, no idea who he is...

Hmmm....Burn. I didn't know who Cure was until you posted Burn on another thread and I went OMG! I LOVE this song!! The whole Crow soundtrack is one of my top three albums! I have worn out two cassettes (dating myself) and the CD is fine, now lives on my iPod. So I guess I am really warming up to them because of the songs you keep posting. The one about No Birds Sing, I caught myself singing parts of that for a while after. So I guess that is the next album I need to get.
(I very rarely buy new music. Very rarely.)
So I thank you so much for opening my world a little!

I loved the Iggy and girl song! I didn't know he had done that, or could sing so well. I know him from the Crow soundtrack, too. I like the girls' voice as well. She was perfect with him. I love when two voices blend.Not sure what the musical term for that is. I am not a musician.

The Adele parody!! AWESOME!
I confess, the first time I heard that song, was that parody. I had never heard of Adele before watching that video from here on HF. (I live under a rock, remember). Since then, I heard the real Adele sing the original song. But I still had the equine version firmly in my head, since I had heard that version first. I still think its better!

So thanks so much for the education of sorts!
One thing I truly love are covers. Hearing a fresh take on an old, tired, but good song is one way to discover it all over again!
I will get running now and leave you with another of my favorite bands.
Have a great day!!

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My fav Danzig tune. The guitar is just so good in it. Try to ignore the guy is a nut.

And a pretty song by Type O. I LOATHED this album when it came out. I considered it a waste of money and didn't buy anything from them for a long time after. The whole album is soft and breathy with different pictures of trees in shades of dark green. NOT what I was expecting.
Now I wonder what was I thinking. Pretty can be cool, too. The piano reminds me of water dripping from trees...

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Originally Posted by Knave View Post
Hmm, this is a hard question for someone like me @SueC . Like @Dragoon I like deep menís voices, but I also like women singers, maybe I even favor them. Like @knightrider I like popular music and connect with my girls over it, and Iím not much a fan of most heavy metal. Other than that I like a lot of different types of things. When I worked in town my boss said she liked how my music had such a variety.

I am about lyrics more than the instrumental. I love good lyrics.
I love good lyrics too! I like music that I can think about, that I can laugh about, cry about, that will teach me something, inspire me to do things - not necessarily all at once! And generally, this means the lyrics have to be up to scratch.

I am definitely repelled by poorly written lyrics, or by gutter language (one thing too commonly found in rap - not that I want to paint it all with the same brush), or by obvious dysfunction in love songs (a good example of that is the otherwise beautiful Cranberries song Linger - but the lyrics make me wince), or by destructive and negative attitudes. And I think all these things repel me in real life as well, not just in music.

A caveat though. Let's take the famous f-word. If people use it like punctuation, or as a sort of universal adjective, I find that repulsive - not to mention unimaginative. I want to give them a Thesaurus and say, "Why don't you expand your vocabulary a little!" But if it's only occasionally used, to really make a point, then that affects me differently - such as Ben Folds Five using it for a single instance in Song For The Dumped ("Well, **** you too!") but it actually conveys meaning there, and heat, and a bit of comedy.

And while we're at it, isn't it interesting that our vilest swear words that are most intended to offend are all related to body functions? ...digestion or reproduction...

I had a rule in my classroom - find a creative word to use when you need an outlet. The one I used was barnacle. "Oh, barnacle!" And the students made up their own (although they were also welcome to use barnacle, since I don't have the copyright for that particular use ). So there were things floating around like, "Holy banana!" or "Pernickety pineapple!" One that everybody liked, and I can't remember where it came from, was "Grrreat Hopping Haggis!" (in a Scottish accent) - as an exclamation of surprise.

This provides an outlet, and improves the vocabulary, and makes people laugh. I also gave them all a copy of the Shakespeare Insult Kit, so nobody would call anybody else an i'diot:

Shakespeare Insult Kit

Originally Posted by gottatrot View Post
I've always found it interesting that many people seem to have "rules" for themselves about what music they will like or listen to. "Oh I don't like...(genre)." Especially I've noticed this in people who use reasoning like what @knightrider mentioned above, in regards to politics and such. They often have narrow rules for what type of music fits in with their belief system. I'm not talking about something with vulgar lyrics you don't appreciate, but rather about the sound and rhythm of the music.
Yeah, if people have rigid and narrow identities, they tend to have rigid and narrow tastes. It's the same with food - I once dated a man who refused to eat the sushi I had made because he hated Japanese people. All Japanese people! And then there's, "I'm not eating this foreign food!"

With music and with food, I think it's good to keep sampling widely and to stay open-minded, but I think it's also fine to develop personal preferences from that, and to mostly choose what appeals to you the most. What's less ideal is when people are narrow from the beginning, and refuse to even try music and food from other cultures etc, especially if it's on some sort of principle, for them.

Brett is always saying to me, "Life is too short, and there are too many excellent books, to be reading mediocre books, or books you don't like." I agree with that - and it holds for any sort of art for me. I think it's like food though - a diverse diet is healthier than a narrow one - so I think we do choose what we like best, but from a diversity of genres etc. I do exclude some genres - I think life is too short to read Mills&Boon (formula romance), and I'd still think that if my life span was a thousand years.

I think there are personal reasons, both physiological and psychological, that certain sounds can repel us, and others attract us. If you've got PTSD, then you might find the general heavy metal sound triggering - or you might find it therapeutic - or none of the above. Responses are so individual. I think it's fine to say, "I like.." and "I don't like..." and anything in between, but not to say "I don't like it, therefore it's rubbish."

Are some things objectively rubbish, others objectively brilliant? Well, yes, according to lists of criteria used to evaluate things for assessment - but on the other hand, a lot of it can also be quite subjective.

That was a funny story about Japan! And that Adele mock-up! Thank you for the laughs! Brings back a lot of the little songs that Weird Al Yankovic did. Remember this one?

You might have to be of a certain age to really find this one funny...

@knightrider , I noticed you like Celtic music - want to pick us a play list of five things from that genre you really enjoy? Pretty please with cherries on top!

@Dragoon , I'll get back to you, and I know I've also got something floating in my head about something @horseluvr2524 said about some literature, which will fit nicely into this general discussion...

But meanwhile, I need to get back to outdoors work! Hope you're all having a nice night.

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Some more songs about Australia.

This guy is sort of our Bob Dylan - this was what he wrote about the 1988 "Bicentennial" - and I'm one of the people who are glad he wrote it.

He's also a great storyteller. This is based on a true story:

It always gives me goosebumps to hear this one. It's so clever how it's written from the point of view of one of the wives.

Lastly, a song I heard very soon after arriving in Australia - which hit me then, and still hits me now. Shane Howard was way ahead writing this one - it took real guts for him to do it, back in the early 1980s.

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@Dragoon , it's Dr Who night tonight, and I want to write you a proper reply for your posts, so I'll do that tomorrow. But you know, my brain has been scouring its database for songs with good low range representation, and has come up with three more tracks you might actually enjoy.

This first one is from a UK punk band who are playing a harpsichord on this track! The song also has a really unusual rhythm, and a great voice, and the music just mesmerises me. Play this one two or three times and you'll be hooked! I've just had it on endless repeat while making dinner, and you just sort of get hypnotised!

It's also a bit of a subversive song - possibly about a girl, or a culture, but actually on the drug culture of the punk era, when it was "romantic" to take heroin, since the British Romantic poets like Coleridge and Shelley had done a lot of their writing under the influence. The singer, recently interviewed, laughed about that and said that the best writing is actually done, in his experience, when stone cold sober!

...oh, and when The Stranglers toured Australia and were asked what the song was about, one of them said, "Vegemite!" And no joke, I had my iPod on random play the other day when changing the compost toilet cartridge, and just as I was layering its contents into the large, hot compost pile, which song do you think started playing? Yep - Golden Brown!

Next is a UK singer with a basement voice, with a cruisy track you might like.

And finally, something from Australia which also is well represented in the low range, in its instrumentation. The singer's voice isn't that low, but has a beautiful resonance.

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Hey! You're pretty awesome!

I watched them in order, and I found myself wishing the second guy had sung the third song too! That would make it great!!
I'll be adding Looking for Summer to my iPod, I just loved it! Thanks!

Now I have some searching to do when I get some time, which music to add from Chris Rea, Nick Cave and Cure.

Gotta go, there are cold hungry horses waiting for me...we got our first snow yesterday. boo. :6
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@SueC - Noooo, I was scared "Eat it" was going to be an MJ "remix"... and it was It's hilarious but I like the original more
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Hold on to what makes you happy! If it tries to buck you off, just hold on even tighter!

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