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Conversation Between EventinginMI and MIEventer
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  1. EventinginMI
    12-04-2009 07:45 PM - permalink
    Hey! I was just curious... what level are you hoping to compete next year?
  2. MIEventer
    11-20-2009 09:35 PM - permalink
    Ahhh! I get ya :) Smart girl :) lol.
  3. EventinginMI
    11-20-2009 07:50 PM - permalink
    It's called free auditing. =] I'm very short on cash, always, but I really want to see Dorothy. I don't mind brushing- it's not like it's that hard, and I'm good at it, and I enjoy doing it, no matter the person.
  4. MIEventer
    11-20-2009 06:52 PM - permalink
    Wait..what??? Why in the world would you be grooming for her? It's a clinic, and it's not like she's this GP rider - oh my goodness gracious. She used to try to con me into being her groom and I would laugh at her. Yeah, have fun with that.

    But it'll be great to meet you.
  5. EventinginMI
    11-20-2009 02:24 PM - permalink
    Hehe. I'm grooming for Diane Marcina at the Dorothy Crowell clinic- I'll see you there!
  6. EventinginMI
    09-06-2009 01:21 PM - permalink
    She's still teaching, but only private lessons if you haul-in, nothing else. I only bought my horse last summer, so I'm sure I've seen you when I went over to watch with Margaret and listen to her, but I've never actually shown on Margaret's property.

    I'm actually working with Diane right now, along with lessons w/ Margaret... =] All types of ground work. I have shown there when she ran the place, I'm guessing we have shown against each other. xD
  7. MIEventer
    09-06-2009 01:16 PM - permalink
    I do know Margaret Spencer, you aren't that far from me than. How is she doing since her accident? Maybe we've ridden against each other? Have you done the Battle Creek Hunt Events? I'm there every year, I am sure we've ridden against eachother in BN and N. And I also used to board there, did you haul over for shows when Diane Marcina was running the place? I bet we rode against one another allot there as well.
  8. EventinginMI
    09-06-2009 12:04 PM - permalink
    Ah, alright. Any chance you know Margaret Spencer? I ride with her...
  9. MIEventer
    09-04-2009 06:07 PM - permalink
    Hi there, I event here in SW Michigan. No TEAM events for my boy and I this season, we took it off to work on his feet. We just moved to an Eventing Facility and are now starting on re-conditioning the both of us, to prepare for next season.
  10. EventinginMI
    09-04-2009 05:46 PM - permalink
    Hey, I was just wondering where you event, and if you're going to be at any TEAM events in the next few upcoming weeks? What's your favorite place to event? =]
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