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Conversation Between SueC and JoBlueQuarter
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  1. JoBlueQuarter
    04-11-2019 10:53 AM - permalink
    Well I tried to put her on my barn list yesterday but I guess if you're not seeing her it didn't work lol. We had her trailered out here on the 31, had her on trial for not that long, and then bought her on the 1? 2? of April, so pretty recent!

    Well I guess in a way it is, my parents wanted another pony that the younger kids could learn on, and I found that a very good excuse to use :p LOL
    I bought her mainly for her breed; she's a Gotland Pony, maybe you know them? They're a rare Swedish breed. She isn't trained to ride or drive yet, but that should be very easy to do once she trusts us, she has quite an amazing personality. Another idea with her is to get her bred, but we'd have to ship in semen, she'd probably have to be registered, and all that, so that's still just a thought right now.
    Yeah though, it is because of Paso.

    Haha that's awesome, I've always wanted a donkey, I've heard so much good about them. And mules!
  2. SueC
    04-11-2019 01:28 AM - permalink
    Oh, is she on your barn list yet or that brand new?

    Is this because of Paso?

    We sort of accepted the offer of two additional donkeys last year because we knew we'd not have Romeo that long. They've made excellent horse companions - they're besotted with the horses, while the original group of donkeys are more independent and hang out in their own group a lot!
  3. JoBlueQuarter
    04-11-2019 01:06 AM - permalink
    Aw thank you :)) New pony, Victoria <3
  4. SueC
    04-11-2019 12:53 AM - permalink
    This is a lovely new avatar photo!
  5. SueC
    06-28-2018 10:40 AM - permalink
    Least we can do. Losing a horse is really awful.
  6. JoBlueQuarter
    06-28-2018 10:28 AM - permalink
    Thank you, Sue. I really appreciate you guys being so sweet and supportive! <3
  7. SueC
    06-28-2018 04:14 AM - permalink
    I'm sorry you lost Paso, JoBlueQuarter.
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