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Conversation Between SueC and CopperLove
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  1. SueC
    04-03-2019 04:44 AM - permalink
    Yeah, very true. Another very true thing though is that crap makes excellent fertiliser and can grow beautiful flowers.
  2. CopperLove
    04-02-2019 12:14 PM - permalink
    Thank you, very much. I am sorry that you never got to know your uncle or his story. Living with dysfunction in a family from a young age can really play a heavy roll in addiction even though society seems to gloss over that more often than not.
  3. SueC
    03-31-2019 08:57 AM - permalink
    Just reading a Rider Wellness thread to which you contributed: It was so good to hear that things got better for your partner and that you both got out. These things are hard and I wish you both all the very best in the world. I had an alcoholic uncle who was sort of the family pariah and never got to meet him. He has since died and I've wondered lately what his story was, especially considering the rest of the family was so dysfunctional. But, workaholism and closeted domestic violence are so much more "respectable" than alcoholism... Funny that. I sometimes wonder about my unknown uncle.
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