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Conversation Between Spanish Rider and SueC
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  1. SueC
    07-10-2018 10:42 AM - permalink
    I hope you are enjoying your trip! The seafood is sounding fantastic as usual... How's your young astronaut?
  2. SueC
    06-16-2018 08:24 PM - permalink
    I see you found it. Loved your post; thank you so much for your point of view and the information. I'm sorry you were embarrassed. You guys rock! It's not often I am breathlessly inspired by looking at a clip of a dressage session. So wonderful. It's not a feeling I get very much when looking at modern dressage competitions.
  3. Spanish Rider
    06-16-2018 06:10 PM - permalink
    Spanish Rider
    Which thread is it? I am always sort of scared about dressage threads. Sometimes preconceived notions can be quite dangerous!
  4. SueC
    06-16-2018 02:51 AM - permalink
    Hullo Spanish, I hope you don't mind that I've borrowed Presu as an example of a horse who moves beautifully and shows through his personality, as opposed to a dressage robot, in a thread I'm chatting in. He's so gorgeous, and is the best example I could find here of what I meant. And your opinion is most welcome if you have time to share it!
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