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Conversation Between AnitaAnne and Blue
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  1. AnitaAnne
    12-28-2019 08:21 AM - permalink
    I have missed you Blue! So sorry to hear about Bart, it is so hard to loose them Loosing Herbie was traumatic, it was so sudden no time to prepare...and he suffered

    The COPD is a pain, I was diagnosed with it too this year. Not just Asthma anymore. Getting old is tough. Breathing is rather important...I have no idea how one rides with oxygen. That is a tough one. So sorry
  2. Blue
    12-26-2019 05:48 PM - permalink
    Oh AnitaAnne. I just read your post about what happened to Herbie. I'm so very sorry. I remember when you got him and was so excited for you. I haven't been logging on much. Only occasionally. A year ago I was diagnosed with stage 3 COPD and have been struggling to shift focus. Still trying to respond to the meds and figuring out how to use my O2 and ride. Complicated by so many ugly family issues. We laid old Bart down this summer and life just hasn't been the same. Anyway. I'm so very sorry for your loss. It just never gets easier. Hug Please don't give up trying to find the right horse just like Dreamer. It's what keeps us going isn't it? He's out there, I promise.
  3. AnitaAnne
    08-02-2015 07:45 PM - permalink
    Hi everyone from the over 40 thread. I went to check in this afternoon, Sunday August 2, 2015 and couldn't find the thread, all gone. I have contacted the administration by the link provided, but have not heard anything yet.

    Does anyone know when and why it disappeared?
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