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Conversation Between Captain Evil and SueC
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  1. SueC
    10-12-2018 07:30 AM - permalink
    Yeah, we re-named a donkey called PepsiCola for the same reason. DH dubbed him Don Quixote.

    And I think "Missus Evil" is a great moniker for a teacher! I used to teach too. Before I got a paralysed vocal nerve. Now I'm a writer and smallholder, but interestingly, I can speak again!
  2. Captain Evil
    10-12-2018 05:31 AM - permalink
    Captain Evil
    Thanks, SueC. That is my work name on the boat and most people in town know me only by that name. When I was a teacher, I got in trouble when all my classroom kiddos started calling me "Missus Evil."

    Ahab came to us with the name "Prince Chubb-A-Lot" which I just couldn't do. DH thought it was funny, so I immediately named him the first nautical name that came to mind. I think it suited him well.
  3. SueC
    10-11-2018 07:27 AM - permalink
    I've thought it before, but you have such a wonderful screen name! And a horse called Ahab - and wasn't he really something, it radiates out of the photographs!
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