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  1. MIEventer
    03-10-2011 01:43 PM - permalink
    I clinic with her any chance I get. She comes over to the Battle Creek Hunt Club monthly when she has time, and I ride with her there. She is great! Very educational, patient, funny, she has a sense of humor, enjoyable to be around but yet serious. She gets the job done.
  2. charlesmom
    03-10-2011 04:49 AM - permalink
    How long have you ridden with Erika? I took a lesson from her last month, and she is going to meet my horse later this month.
  3. MIEventer
    03-10-2011 12:36 AM - permalink
    Erika is phenominal. I ride with her and I couldn't suggest anyone better. She is a 3* Eventer, going 4*, she quallified for Rolex this year.
  4. charlesmom
    03-10-2011 12:28 AM - permalink
    Well my horse is a 4 year old perch/tb. He's been broke since last fall. I have been riding him 3x per week or so this winter. I would like him to jump. For now I want someone to help me with collection, getting himself to use his body, be round, really receptive to aids etc... Erika Treis-Peterson is the closest trainer to me that I have investigated so far.
  5. MIEventer
    03-09-2011 11:29 AM - permalink
    I am very happy that you got Dawn out and she was able to help you! That is wonderful! For Trainers, what kind of Training are you looking for?
  6. charlesmom
    03-09-2011 03:27 AM - permalink
    Wanted to let you know that Dawn worked out great as a saddle fitter. Thanks for the contact info. Any recommedations on trainers in the West Michigan Area?
  7. MIEventer
    01-05-2011 10:36 AM - permalink
    Yes, there is Dawn Bruin-Slot, she is very good. She charges $75 for a session, and her sessions are very indepth and very educational. Then there is Renna VanDoorin, he is very good and he charges $100.

    There are a few more who are very good as well, but I cannot recall their names. You can call Millbrook Tack, ask for the English Department and ask them for Saddle Maker/Fitters numbers - there are a couple others that they have, that I do not.

    Renna's #'s are : (517) 468-1177 and (248) 921-6446

    I have to get you Dawn's #. She is on facebook, easy to find :)
  8. charlesmom
    01-05-2011 03:45 AM - permalink
    Noticed that you posted to a thread about saddle fitting, and assume from your user name that you live in MI. Do you know of any saddle fitters on the west side of the state?
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