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This is my lovely boy Pride. He is a 2001 Quarter Horse\Arabian cross gelding (I know, to some, that's a Quarab, but get to know me, and you might find where I stand on the whole 'designer breed' name stances!) I bought him 3 years ago as a project horse, and we have come a long ways; he came to me a very scared, nervous, flighty boy, and now is almost the exact opposite. Most poeple don't believe me when I tell them of our humble beginnings, because he is such a calm boy who takes pretty much everything in stride.

Unfortunately on May 16th I had to say good bye to this beautiful horse, when he died in a tragic pasture accident.
My faithful farm travelers...Sirius, the miniature poodle, and Latifah, the adventuresome kitty.
"How's this?"
Showing off his 'Arab side' again is sooo embarrassing!
Looking like his Arab momma!
Pride spring 2009
IMG 1082
IMG 1086
IMG 1335
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