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So today our duck (Ducky) had gone missing at 5pm this afternoon. We have a long driveway so we take our garbage down once a week on our tractor. My job was to watch our chickens and ducks to protect our garden and them themselves. (Because our dogs have quite a bad reputation and we have cats...
A picture of my pretty pony
Just some stuff about my girl.
Jazzy, my OTTB, having the headset and attitude of a pleasure bred QH
I’m new here so I don’t know how this works! If anyone could walk me through how to work it, that’d be great! If anything, I’ll figure it out and this can be a practice
I want to say hi and talk about my horse Flicka (she’s a cutie pie)
I'm a working student. At the barn I work at, you have to work 10 hours to get 1 free lesson/training ride. How much do other working students have to work to get a free ride? The barn is 45 mins away from where I live so I can't be out there every day and I also have school during the days. One...