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General Information

Was a western trail horse, but when we got her she was extremely overweight and was clearly not handled that well.
Black, Tobiano
Moonlight is a 14, 15’2 hand SSH Mare. She is either stubborn and sassy or a sweet and wants cuddles type of horse. Loves showjumping and XC but doesn’t understand control, lol. Loves going for walks and out on the trails, watch out for water, she will splash. Is a power-walker and will leave the other horses in the dust, so I constantly have to stop and wait for the others to catch up. Likes doing tricks as in smile, hug, etc. If she’s not interested in something she will have no part of it. Goats ate her tail off.. Anyways this is Moonlight!
1st picture is when we got her and others are now.


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