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So today our duck (Ducky) had gone missing at 5pm this afternoon. We have a long driveway so we take our garbage down once a week on our tractor. My job was to watch our chickens and ducks to protect our garden and them themselves. (Because our dogs have quite a bad reputation and we have cats as well) I wanted to come down with my Dad, little sister and little brother, and my Dad said “We’ll be quick so hop on the back.” Took out the rubbish, came back, Dad was watering the garden near them all, while my little sister and I looked for spray bottles so we could make some fly spray, they are starting to come out. After that I strapped a little of a pool noodle onto our cows horns with duck tape. At that time it was 5:25? Dad asked us to lock em up for the night went there and Ducky wasn’t there. Dad didn’t even know Ducky was out for the day, assuming she’s laying in her nest. She was gone. We looked for her for about two hours, nothing. I feel at fault because my Mum says that “you should have locked them up earlier.” you screwed up” and hinting that it was my fault even though Ducky could be sleeping in the bushes waiting to come out in the morning. (bogan villi, to be specific) Everyone else says it wasn’t my fault and that animals can be unpredictable and she would’ve run away whether I was watching her or not. Here comes my question, was it my fault? We’ll continue the search tomorrow Btw. Be honest please


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Luckily ducky has come back, and it turns out it wasn’t my fault I heard my mum say it to me through closed doors and I was just over reacting, and probably didn’t hear her righ, she’s back in perfect condition.