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I'm a working student. At the barn I work at, you have to work 10 hours to get 1 free lesson/training ride. How much do other working students have to work to get a free ride?
The barn is 45 mins away from where I live so I can't be out there every day and I also have school during the days. One group lesson costs 47 $ (Canadian) so if I were to be making money from this it'd only be 4.7$/hour. And yes, privates "cost" more hours, 15h/45 mins
Thanks in advance for any replies. hoping to get as many as possible!

Edit: I was riding 3 times/week, 1 being payed for, 1 being worked off during the week and 1 being from hours I saved when I couldn't find a time to ride cause there aren't many advanced lessons and the horses were being ridden a lot. I had saved over 90 hours maybe even 100. I've almost run out of saved hours and I can't really work 20 hours a week


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Hmmm, good question. What is minimum wage where you are? You have a good point in working out what you make per hour based on the price of a lesson. If that seems really unfair, could you ask to be paid wages instead, and then pay for a lesson? Also, what is the general cost of an hourly lesson where you are? Figure those things out to see if you are being taken advantage of. Keep in mind, if you are in a location where this is the only decent place within driving distance, they do sort of have you over a barrel.